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Your Performance Improvement, Technology and the Second Day

May 19, 2009

Have you ever wondered what happens on the second day?

The second day after you kicked off a new performance improvement
process. Maybe it’s the second day after you started using a
performance improvement software programlike ManagePro.

On the second day all of your aspirations seem to abandon you.
You get swamped. It seems everything conspires to pull you
back into the usual grind. The day wraps up and you realize
you haven’t used your “new” process.

On the second day it seems you have to stay late to put into
practice what seems like such a good idea on the first day.

Actually on the second day you get the opportunity to start
excusing yourself… to accept it as permissible to not follow
through two days in a row with your new commitment. It’s
very tempting on day two, just one day after the launch, to
begin a pattern of sliding backwards.

Or you get the opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re
serious about that new change you kicked off less than 48
short hours ago. It’s funny how so much can change in just
48 hours, isn’t it?

I think the 2nd day is a better predictor of the future than
the first day. It’s certainly a better gut check on reality. It
gives you a chance to confirm if you’re going to put into
practice your new technology, your new processes, your
commitment to work smarter every day, or if that stuff is
just going to occur on the days when it’s convenient.

On the second day, you meet yourself, bogged down and
without all the adrenaline rush that can accompany
some of the newness of day one.

On the second day, if you’re like me, you realize you can’t
just muscle it, you’re going to need to start blocking out
time on the calendar to protect that commitment to change.
You’re going to have to be different, to make different time
choices to work or live different. The change isn’t going to
neatly fit into your schedule.

The second day and what it reveals is priceless. On the second
day you get a chance to make much more realistic decisions and
course corrections about what it will take to be successful with the
change you envision.

Bottom Line:
On the second day of any improvement process, with or without
software, we all face a test. A choice to starting putting off the
very process we just kicked off the day before… or reach even
a deeper level of commitment to the change process. The second
day is an important time to play big for yourself.

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