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Software to Support OZ Principle Accountability in the Workplace

ManagePro is the OZ software solution to help you reach your targeted results (R2)

ManagePro combines project and performance tools into one software solution for great visibility and accountability.  It helps everyone have more clarity on what's priority and deliver better results.  Focused on results and action plans, it also provides feedback and recognition tracking to support building needed beliefs and actions.  One solution to help you: 

1. Get back in control, organized, more productive, working what's priority.

2.  See it all, with dramatically improved transparency, accountability and follow-through when working with others.

3. Powerfully link up with Outlook to get better results... with less effort and less frustration.

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ManagePro isn't just about accountability, it's designed around how your brain likes to process information and the psychology of high performance.  ManagePro is unique in that it simplifies and combines project, performance, task, document, strategy and recognition management into one seamless application that delivers results. It helps you leverage and cross-connect information so your brain can see the big picture, with the details only a click away.

Think of it this way: ManagePro works like your brain likes to think, like your brain best handles information.

  • Need to get stuff organized? ManagePro does that.
  • Needs to plan out a project? It does that.
  • Need to recognize someone? It does that.
  • Need to work email next; dragging them into your calendar to be worked later, and others in as progress updates on current projects? It does that.
  • Need something that everyone can contribute and be held accountable too, so that you build engagement? It does that?
  • Need to track your strategy, link it to existing projects, and display in score cards? It does that.
  • Need something simple enough that a degree in project management isn't required, but powerful enough that it can help you deliver results, not just more to-do lists? It does that.

 ManagePro covers your most common tasks, all while leveraging the information within one workspace, connecting and updating data throughout the day across various tasks.

The quickest way to demonstrate how it can work in your situation is via an online demo, customized to your
needs. Fill in the demo form and we'll look forward to talking to you on the other side.

You'll like the results.

"the Oz Principle" is a copyrighted by Roger Connors and Tom Smith