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What Makes Software, including ManagePro, Different?

March 05, 2013

We just completed a release of ManagePro 11 last week, and one of the things
our Press Release was focusing on was differentiating ManagePro.  The
headline was, “ManagePro™ 11, the “Brain Friendly” Tool When it Comes to
Getting Stuff Done.”
Your brain, it turns out, not the software feature list,
has a lot to do wiith what software is appealing and how you differentiate
between choices.  Let me share a couple of secrets with you about that.

First of all, everyone’s brain’s is different.  You got that, right?  That’s no
secret.  Or is it?  Well, actually it seems to be for most of us. We spend our
day talking and writing with the implicit thought that people understand
what we are communicating,  because they think like us… well pretty much.

But actually we all have  our own way of thinking, drawing conclusions and
making evaluations, and  that definitely includes software and what we
think about it.  David Rock’s book, Quiet Leadership, does a nice job of
capturing that.  So no, everyone  doesn’t think the same, and they pretty
much need to think things through in their own unique way.

But it gets more interesting.  Remember the Quadrant I created for
people’s preference for thinking and organizing their world?  In blatant
self promotion I call it Brim’s Quadrant, you can find it in this blog.

By the way, others write about this as well.  Check out Dr. Ann Herrmann’s
Whole Brain Thinking Model for Project Management.”

But my point is that we tend to choose or view software as valuable if it
matches up with our brain preference.  Here’s Ann’s model (interestingly
it correlates up directly with mine).  “The metaphoric model, developed
from research done by Ned Herrmann at GE, divides thinking preferences
into four  separate quadrants. A more logical, analytic, and bottom-line
style appears in the Upper Left A quadrant (Blue). The planned, organized,
detailed and sequential thinking is in the Lower Left B quadrant (Brown).
The interpersonal, emotional, kinesthetic and feeling thinking is associated
with the Lower Right C quadrant (Green).  Finally, synthesizing, integrating,
holistic, and intuitive thinking is in the Upper Right D quadrant (Red).

The colors are part of my system, a lot easier to remember, but get this;
Greens tend to like software that helps them organize their thoughts and
make presentations.  They typically don’t want something more
complicated than that.

Browns want something that tracks deadlines, and does totals.
They’re liking stuff that tracks how much time is spent, dollars used and
when’s that due date coming up.

Blue’s tend to like stuff that let’s them do larger scale planning and
analytics.   Systems, strategies and projections are all important to them.

And Reds, well they like everything to tie together and something flexible
enough that they can tie it together differently when that seems like the
best creative option.

Which color are you?  And does that fit as to what software you like, and
what stands out as differentiated to you?  Does this color system match?

BTW, check out the rest of the ManagePro release we wrote and see which
color or colors it is trying to address.

“SMITH RIVER, Calif., March 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Today Performance
Solutions Technology, LLC announces the newest release of the company’s
flagship product, ManagePro™ stating, “ManagePro™ 11 supports you
and your multi-demand work day in a brain friendly way.”

Your brain processes a lot of different tasks and incoming messages every
day, from within one workspace.  But perhaps more importantly, as David
Rock cites in his book “Quiet Leadership“, our brain is constantly pulling
together and cross relating data, making connections between incoming
data in the form of predictive maps.  Our brain likes to fit every piece of
new information into an existing map, but at the same time is constantly
getting rewired in response to everything going on around us.  “You might
even say … making new maps… is it’s favorite activity.”

That process of cross relating data, continual updating, and working from
larger patterns is exactly what software needs to do to best support your
brain.  However, most software we use does just the opposite.  Instead it
focuses on solving a particular task, but doesn’t easily connect information
across multiple purposes, adding to our information management work load.

ManagePro™ provides a single, multipurpose software workspace that
supports you and your brain in optimally getting things done.  Need to get
stuff organized? ManagePro does that.  Need to plan out a project?  It does
that.  Need to recognize someone?  It does that.  Need to work email next;
dragging them into your calendar to be worked later, and others in as
progress updates on current projects?  It does that.  Need something that
everyone can contribute and be held accountable too, so that you build
engagement?  It does that.  Need to track your strategy, link it to existing
projects, and display in score cards?  It does that.  Need something simple
enough that a Ph.D. in project management isn’t required, but powerful
enough that it can help you deliver results, not just more to-do lists?  It does
that.  Need it to make your coffee?  It doesn’t do that.

But you get the point, ManagePro covers your most common tasks, all while
leveraging the information within one workspace, connecting and updating
data throughout the day across various tasks.

Designed around how your brain likes to process information and the
psychology of high performance, ManagePro is unique in that it simplifies
and combines project, performance, task, document, strategy and recognition
management into one seamless application that delivers results.  It helps you
leverage and cross-connect information so your brain can see the big picture,
with the details only a click away.  Think of it this way: it works like your
brain likes to think, like your brain best handles information.

ManagePro grabs the tools that commonly reside in separate programs and
combines them in one app that helps: you:

  • You get back in control, organized, more productive, working what’s
  • You get great transparency, accountability and follow-through when
    working with others.
  • You and everyone using it get more done with less effort and less

Finally its display can be custom configured for each user (because we all
want to see… just what works for us), while flexibly adapting to work as
well for an individual as it does for an entire organization.”

Bottom Line: First of all what color did you guess?  If you guessed Red,
you were right.  ManagePro is structured to appeal to all the brain
preference quadrants (that’s what differentiates it), but in doing so, it brings
the synthesis component that’s always indicative of the Red or upper right
quadrant.  After reading this, you, like me, will probably see people’s
brain function behind their software choices.

Link:  Brim’s Quadrant

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