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Manage it All From One Place...
with Dramatically Better Visibility & Accountability

Visibility… the key to performance improvement

We know you need visibility to manage projects, tasks, priorities, strategy and ultimately the people that report to you.  ManagePro gives you visibility across business groups and/or individuals so that you are up-to-date, regardless of what you’re working on or who you are working with.

ManagePro gives you great visibility into both the planning and the results of the work effort, as well as the thinking behind the decisions that are made… and all within one application using a core engine that links progress updates and action items to each item you want to track.

When it comes to Visibility and Accountability:

  • ManagePro provides a number of core views to support you in working with people and projects, whether you’re analyzing tasks remaining, due date completion or wanting to view the current progress on the projects supporting your strategy.  It’s all there.
  • Visibility not only helps you make better decisions, it also creates a culture of Accountability and Recognition for high performance
  • People just get more done when they work Transparently, plus with greater Visibility it’s easier to coordinate everything and spend less time in meetings to do so,
  • Finally Visibility in our “All One Place” application saves you time and effort every day, whether you are viewing the projects in an outline form, drilling down on details, looking at durations and dependencies or tracking performance metrics.

We’ve put together a short video to show you a few examples, see what you think: