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Every CEO, every VP, every business owner that we meet, wishes they had an easier way
CEOsto get solid Alignment, Visibility, Engagement & Updates, so they are assured the important stuff is getting done.


The reality is, despite best intentions and verbal agreement, everyone is swamped.  As a result, providing updates necessary for your boss or other team members to have great visibility tends to get 2nd priority as compared with “getting real work done.” Often, so does creating time to align on priorities.


In the speed and flux of the contemporary world, without regular updates you’re forced business_conferenceto spend more and more time in meetings to gather status updates, using old tools that were designed for slower rhythms such as monthly reports and power points.


If you’re relying on others to complete work and get you timely updates, it can leave you more than a little frustrated and with a lot less peace of mind that what’s important is being completed, once people leave your office.


So why isn’t this an easy problem to solve with update technology?


Two obstacles form what feels like a block wall to what “should be” an easy solution to hittingthebrickwallimplement through the use of ManagePro to outline all top level initiatives and provide both narrative and metric based status updates.


If your direct reports see themselves as already over-committed and maxed out, the idea of learning new software and keying in updates is viewed as another burdensome, low value, time consuming task, like generating one more report.

The prospect of investing the time
to sponsor and support a software implementation and deal with the resistance and reluctance often leaves executives feeling like it is “not worth the effort” (e.g. “It’s one more battle I don’t want to fight, we’ll just keep using meetings, even if they consume too much time.”)



The Solution we offer is the ManagePro-based Update Service.  Here’s what it includes:

  • We provide the software and direct consult with CEO or lead executive to layout the primary initiatives in ManagePro, to which each member of the executive team will post their top priority supporting actions or tasks each week.  E.g. what are the high value actions they will complete each week across the CEOs and Management Team’s top initiatives
  • We enter the top (up to 5) tasks each week for each member of your team from the content they give us via emails, voicemail or phone call (their choice)
  • We update those tasks at the end of each week with the information we received from your direct reports or team members input via emails, voice mail or phone call (their choice)
  • We create a scorecard of relative success at achieving their top priority tasks each week across the team for each direct report that’s participating.
  • We create a summary status each week for the CEOs to easily track status across individuals and tasks.
  • We provide reports, as well as display the information to the CEO via ManagePro (as well as any other executives who want to use the program).
  • We charge an initial setup fee ($1,295*), which includes a license of ManagePro for the CEO or lead executive, and a monthly service fee ($150/mo**) for each direct report participating in the top initiative management solution.
    * If you already have a current license of ManagePro Plus or Cloud, the fee is only $500
    ** Special introductory rate for the first 10 organization’s signing up.

    Call us today at (707) 487-3000 to get started today