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There’s Software Upgrades and Then There’s Upgrades

July 21, 2016

With the new release of ManagePro coming out next week, you certainly should upgrade to the latest 13.1 version.  But that may not be the most important upgrade.  What really pays off, is to upgrade how you use ManagePro, particularly as it benefits you.  Let me suggest two options for you to consider:

  1. Use the ManagePro process (set a goal, identify the requirements and obstacles, build a plan, document with regular progress updates) to focus on accomplishing something meaningful for you. Get really specific about your interests, what you want to accomplish, something that attracts you to use ManagePro to put your effort behind making it happen by adding a record with that desired outcome as the title.  And, set the goal to private (check the private checkbox in your details form) so that just you can see and access the record – everyone else will just see a series of XXXXs for the title.
  2. Here’s the 2nd thing I want you to consider. When it comes to “upgrading” how you use ManagePro in the service of ultimately “upgrading” yourself, make what you want to accomplish achievable within 30 days.  That’s right, even if it means downsizing your goal. 

If you’re like most of us, it’s far too easy to set goals and then get busy and not see them through. So “right size” your goal so that the outcome you’re shooting for is achievable within 30 days and then use the right click “Show in Calendar” option.  Here’s why.

Clicking the “Show in Calendar” option places the record you’ve highlighted (as long as it is assigned to you) at the top of your daily calendar… each day.  It sits there prompting you to set aside time to do something to move your personal goal forward. 

Here’s how this feature work. In your daily calendar, the current day will display your personal goal at the top of your daily calendar, in effect asking, “When are you going to work on me today?” Drag that record from the top of your calendar down to a time slot that you will use to work on your goal for that day.  Then, post a progress update to document what you accomplish. It all builds a habit of success that you can leverage and, best of all it’s in the pursuit of something good for you. 

Try it for 30 days. That’s about 21 or 22 work days, that you can set aside to push forward something good for you, which is also roughly the number of times you need to repeat a new behavior to make it a habit.


Remember to upgrade to ManagePro 13.1 next week, and most importantly upgrade how you’re using it to do something really positive and consistent for yourself.  You’ll get an announcement next week when we release, plus a review of what’s new in 13.1. 

Until then.

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