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December 31, 2008

Software adoption, change management, implementing innovation… it all has some striking similarities.  Time has slipped by and as the year wraps up I didn’t want to miss putting up a quick summary of the recent blogs on this whole process, and in particular software adoption.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and I hope in this case it’s at least worth several hundred.  I created this picture to underscore and pull together a number of the themes that drive any change or innovation process, including software adoption.  Themes that I’ve been covering in the last half dozen blogs.

 Software Adoption Timeline

 Here’s  a couple of take-aways that hopefully do well by you in the coming year:

1. There is no single reason why people adopt change – in fact different sub-groups within any organization adopt change for very different reasons.  If you’re in charge of driving it, pay attention to your audience and depending on where you are in the lifecycle, adjust your message and appeal to the emotional drivers that are in play.

2. Be careful of over-depending on the interest and time investment of executive sponsors, as this often declines as an important driver before the adoption process has become imbedded across enough of the organization to continue on its own.  E.g. you need more than a good sponsor, you need to use a process that works.

3. Emotions are important drivers of the change process, see my earlier blogs for a description of how to address the emotional drivers for each group.

Have a great 2009 and lots of success with all of the changes and software adoption opportunities you pursue.

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