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The Opportunity to Turn it Around Before the New Year Starts

December 13, 2010

You’re probably thinking, “What opportunity”? 

Many people we talk to aren’t seeing many opportunities and echo the
perspective that there is less cushion, things are tight and not only don’t
they see an opportunity, but in fact are searching for two things as the
year comes to a close.   Those two things, those opportunities, are:

1. How to find more sales (or budget) dollars?  and

2. What to do now to ensure 2011 is different than 2010?

Does this sound like you?  If so, let me save you some time and money,
and show you how to use ManagePro to do both.

Finding more sales dollars

Typically you’re going to get 80% of your dollars from 20% of your customers.
One way to maximize this is to make sure that list of the top 20% of your
customers is created in ManagePro (use it like a CRM), and then put a
todo on each to remind yourself to call them this week and ask two questions:

   1. How did you do in 2010 in serving them and what can you do
       better to assist their business in 2011?  and

   2. Is there anything that you can assist them with in these final days of

Be sure to put together an action plan under each of your customer’s records
when they tell you what they need differently in 2011, and get those action
items assigned to the right person with a todo to yourself to followup with
your customer within 30 days.

Getting Ready in December to Ensure 2011 Really is a New Year

Edward Burke in the 1700’s said “Those who don’t know the past
are destined to repeat it
.”  My take on that is slightly different,
my version of that quote reads:

“We are bound to repeat the past unless we learn from it.”
Do you think that’s true?  Because if it is, even a little bit, you need to pull
more learning out of this past year to avoid repeating 2010 in 2011.

ManagePro offers you a couple of different options for improving your learning:

   1. Create a record entitled “Lessons learned” and go back through
the past year and enter a progress update for each of the past 4 quarters
and write down what you learned and/or thought you knew at the end
of each quarter.  Conclude the last one with a concrete section on next
steps for 2011.  Then convert the next steps section into an action plan.

   2. In hindsight, define the primary things you worked on this
past year as goals and create a record for each one
.  Then score
your progress for achieving that goal through the year and complete
it with a progress update that summarizes:
              – Lessons Learned
              – Obstacles Encountered  and
              – Next Steps

Hope you generate lots of benefit from both suggestions.


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Both fining sales dollars tips and Getting Ready in December to Ensure 2011 Really is a New Year aregreat tips and a good exercise.



Interesting blog entry, thank you. Have to think about it.


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