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The Exposure Phenomenon

November 12, 2007

Initially using a tool like ManagePro exposes more than it changes.
This is a big surprise for some, and a good one to avoid tripping over. By-the-way, the same thing happens when people buy accounting software, ERP software, etc., anything that promises a better outcome for existing processes. You and I buy software like this too, to effect a change. And, the surprise comes from the misconception that sounds something like this: “If I install and operate this software, I will (or they will) be better, we will be changed.” Well not exactly – you’ll actually be exposed! Relax, it is a normal part of the change process. Here’s some examples of what it looks like:

n If you don’t normally operate in an organized manner, using our tools and setting up a database will exposes how unorganized some of your projects are, how they don’t tie together and the absence of linking with a direct strategy. It may expose how little patience you have for the effort to do the work to get organized.

n If you are primarily an ideas person, wishing you could get people to execute better, using our tools will probably expose how much you don’t finish, follow-up and/or close out your documentation. Your database will look like lists of titles with no content in the details field. We call them “naked” goals.

n If you are used to using lists, not plans, to get things done, your database will look like it and expose that it will require a shift to break the habit of organizing by jotting down to-dos, instead of organizing yours and other’s work around desired outcomes and the plan or steps to get there.

Bottom Line: Exposure is a given when pursuing software for performance improvement, the choice is whether you fight it, or use it as an opportunity in support of the goal to improve. It can be a tremendous asset if you use it.

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