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The 30 Minute Appeal

July 27, 2009

Have you ever noticed how many things are advertised for the 20 – 30 minute
time frame? I know we advertise, or perhaps pitch is a better word, that if
people will just use ManagePro “30 minutes a day,” it will help them develop
a better coordinated and collaborative work effort.

It made me wonder about the 30 minute time frame and why 30, versus 10
or 90 minutes or…

Look at just a couple of examples on the web:

You can get Rachel Ray’s tasty recipes, guaranteed to take only
30 minutes to prepare.

You can get a new body using Bowflex in 20 minutes a work-out
2-3 times a week.

You can get new backlinks for your website in only 30 minutes.

Personal brand building on Twitter in 30 minutes.

30 minute clutter control from Good House Keeping.

There’s even a “30 Minutes” song and ring tone you can have downloaded
to your cell which includes the lyrics

“30 minutes, the blink of the night
30 minutes to alter our lifes
30 minutes to make up my mind
30 minutes to finally decide…”

So two quick questions for you, and it won’t take you 30 minutes to answer…

1. So why the emphasis on 30 minutes?  Is that the emotional limit of what
we are willing to commit in terms of time, priority?  Is that the limit
of an “easy to sign up for” commitment?  Maybe anything beyond 30
minutes looks like work, a burden, something hard, tedious, ___
you fill in the blank?

2. What’s not in the tag line for all the 30 minute adds, is the reality that
you have to do it regularly. Nothing really changes in 30 minutes, unless
you do it consistently, regularly.

Bottom Line:
Maybe change is fundamentally linked to 30 minutes. You can change
anything you want to in 30 minutes, as long as you do it multiple times
a week. Even improving your management efforts or a business culture
with ManagePro. It’s simple, empowering and maybe also daunting.
Your thoughts?


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I gotta to say I concur with most of what is being stated here. I’m gonna have to have to grab the rss so I can keep tabs. on what


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