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Two Questions that are Key to Your Software Deployment Success (2 of 2)

July 27, 2007


Predict Success in Deploying Software with Two Key Questions (continues)

2. WHAT’S IT WORTH TO YOU?  This question and your response is the 2nd key predictor of your success. Especially when deploying performance management software across your organization to deliver… well what, exactly, are you delivering?  

Well that’s an important question to address isn’t it, maybe even before you address what the solution is worth? In fact both questions support each other and ultimately the success of deploying a new technology solution.  
Your answer should contain information from the personal, customer, team interaction and process levels. The answer to this question can be simple or quite involved, with very defined costs and gains.  Here are a couple of examples: ·         “What’s it worth” can be defined in terms of personal satisfaction and/or reduced frustration. ·         It can also be defined in terms of where your time gets spent, and then again ·         It can be defined in terms of dollars and due dates, quality and sales metrics. 






What I would like to underscore is that however you measure worth; you want to have this question resolved in your head and ready to articulate to others.  To embark on a software deployment, e.g. a change process, without having a good grasp of what ultimately the outcome is worth to you and others personally, is a setup for poor results. 
Do you know why I wrote that last comment? It’s simply that I have found this statement to be true over and over again, 






If you haven’t firmly established what the value of your objective is, you’ll easily get pulled away by competing priorities or pushed back by resistance from others.” 






Knowing the value of your objective (ex. Improved financial and quality outcomes, or a more systematic (less reactive), or a visible performance management system):


  • will keep you on track,
  • will help you avoid under-spending on resources to deploy the solution and
  • will keep you out of the 2/3’s group that doesn’t succeed at deploying software.


The author of this series, Rodney Brim, is CEO of Performance Solutions Technology (PST).  PST develops and assists organizations in deploying performance management software solutions, and presents these guidelines based upon our work with 1,000’s of companies to help ensure your success in the pursuit of performance management.  Performance Solutions Technology is found on the web at http://www.PerformanceSolutionsTech.com


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