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Here’s the thing: (bear with me, there’s a bit of repeat from the newsletter, but it’s important to go over this stuff and clean your glasses so to speak)

Let’s start by being very honest. Software is a fantastic enabler, but buying software and training people on how it functions doesn’t magically produce better results. In fact more than 60% of organizations surveyed, reported that simply buying standard project management tools doesn’t result in people working more effectively.

Buying software equips you and me to have the tools to do great things, but we still have to use them to work differently to get that different result. It’s a lot like buying new running shoes as part of your New Year’s running shoesResolution to get in shape. They may look wonderful, but unless you put in the miles, they are just an expense. They can’t get you to new results without a… behavior change. ManagePro may be the lightly used pair of shoes at your work place. Begging for you to go run, but most of the time you’re too busy. It happens.


I haven’t done this before, and I’m not sure I’ll offer this again, but here’s what I am going to offer you.   If you are serious about getting better results in 2015, I’ll personally help you get there. I’ll take the same processes I have honed to get teams to perform highly for Fortune 100 firms and I’ll work with you to do the same and reap the benefits.

Here’s some of what you can expect:

  1. I have a specific process that you will be using. It focuses on the psychology and behavior change as much or more than it does on the use of ManagePro. You’ll need to follow the process and keep up. Getting better results, big results, requires following through and sticking with the process.
  2. We’ll be challenging every obstacle that holds you and your team back, and that includes stuff you do that is self-limiting, but everyone is afraid to tell you. I’m not afraid. We’ll get through it.
  3. I’ll make sure you’ve set up the necessary structures in ManagePro, including clear plans and scorecards to measure your progress and an easy system for prioritizing your work and those who work for you.
  4. I’ll make sure you get personally trained and supported by our team, so that you are comfortable and adept using ManagePro to cover 80% or more of the people and task issues that cross your desk.
  5. I’ll do a maximum of four individual works sessions a month with you and/or anyone else on your team, plus one group session with you and other individuals going through the process. This means you will get lots of personal attention. The group sessions will be recorded and notes published, so if your schedule conflicts, you don’t miss out on anything.
  6. If you get stuck and can’t figure something out. I’ll make available half day slots, and you can fly out and work with me at a reduced rate for a 4 hour chunks, until you get a break through.

And then there’s some bonuses I am going to throw in.

  1. We will provide an assessment that maps out brain and work style preferences for you and up to 7 direct reports, so that you have a new set of tools to use as you work with others to get the results you need. ($400 value)
  2. I’ll give you 20% off of any licenses you purchase for your organization while you are working with me.  (as much as you want to save)
  3. I’ll give you 50% off of my strategic planning one day workshop in January. ($500 value)

OK, wondering when it starts and what it costs?

Of course, who wouldn’t, but there’s something we need to talk about first.

Opening Consult

I’ll want to schedule a web conference with you to do a free consult and for both of us to test out working with each other, as this is an important investment and commitment.  We’ll be going over your 2014 year, what you whan to accomplish in 2015, and to better understand your resources, obstacles and personal and business context going forward.

Bottom Line: Besides getting a consult in which I guarantee you’ll receive value, we need to determine if we are a good fit for each other, e.g. it’s important for each of us.  Speaking of guarantees, let’s go over that for a moment, then I’ll get back to the price.


I’ve personally invested a lot of money and time in developing skills using various experts over the years. I know what it’s like to try and pin down an equitable guarantee. I know what it’s like to get great value, and also to feel like I got marginal value. I’m not able to guarantee your results, ultimately that will be up to you. I can guarantee that you’ll get consistent great value and push from me to help you reach the results you are targeting. If at the end of any session, you feel like you didn’t get great value (here’s the first guarantee), I’ll schedule another session with you and do a “re-do” to make sure you’re good – at no additional cost.

Here’s the second guarantee: If you decide during the first month this isn’t for you, I’ll refund 50% of your money that you paid for the month. If you paid for an entire year, I’ll refund 11.5 month’s worth.

Time & Cost

The Offer is for 12 consecutive months of work with me, starting February 2015 through January 2016.  It’s a 12 month commitement, but if that gives you cause for concern, you can enroll at 90 day increments.  The cost is $2,500 per month. If you wish to pay for the year at one time (you may even want to prepay in 2014), I’ll reduce the total amount by 16.7%, you’ll save $5,000 and pay $25,000 for the year, instead of the $30,000 the monthly payments come to.

OK, the balls in your court. I have a minimum number that we need to meet, and a maximum number I’m willing to support, so best to call in now (707) 487-3000 and get your initial (no charge) consult scheduled with me.

I’ll be looking forward to talking with you. 2015 will be a very exciting year! Let’s do it.

The January Strategy Day will be in a West Coast city, probably Portland On Monday Jan. 23rd and Tuesday Jan. 24th. We’ll start mid-afternoon on Monday so you can comfortably fly in that morning. We’ll end late in the afternoon on Tuesday, so that you can still catch a 4pm or later flight out that evening if so desired.

Again if you sign up for the one year program, you can and should attend the one day strategy day for 50% off and save $500. I’ll be sending a separate announcement to tell you about this workshop.