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VIKA“My brain has 3 lobes—ManagePro is the third lobe. I cannot function on my job without ManagePro. Keeps me organized, reminds me when to check back with people, I know everyone’s due dates without asking them. Our meetings went from 2.5+ hours to 1.5 hours and we tell people who do not update that they are wasting the time of 10 people in our meeting and costing us thousands. So get with it and spend the 10 seconds it takes to be on top of documentation.”

– Mike Benton, VP Vika Companies

Department of Finance, The Office of State Revenue W.A

“I have been an avid practitioner of ManagePro over the last ten years. My initial reason to use ManagePro was based on theGovWA more than sufficient program management functionality associated with ManagePro that also catered for any incarnation of project governance frameworks as such positioning firmly positioning as a PM agonistic solution to all those engaged in project, program and portfolio management. As a result of ongoing use of ManagePro in addition to the foresight of Performance Solutions’ own vision for the application, ManagePro continued (to this day) to evolve with a far more business and enterprise focus on the key success criteria of any business.

Thus ManagePro has, and continues to retain, a firm focus on the essential KPI’s of any business, of which PM remains a part. In short, ManagePro is an unique application platform that continues to mature with each release of the product, due to a combination of customer feedback and, especially, the unique perspective of the custodians of ManagePro who are especially driven by providing the market with a compelling solution to immediately assessing the status of any business initiative.”

– David Payne, Program Consultant

Insinger Machine Co.

“ManagePro has been and continues to be a critical management tool for me and my company. It has been key in optimizing Insingercash flow and was critical during the years I was paying down the bank debt associated with my purchase of the company. The scheduling/project management function were keys to new product development. As the President and sole stockholder Manage Pro’s ability to keep me in the black was critical. 

Pros: Easy to customize for my specific needs. Their support function was understanding of my lack of computer skills. My goal was to just drive the software and let M{Pro worry about any bumps in the road.

Cons: Some of the functions were more sophisticated than I could conceivably use.”

– Robert Cantor, CEO

Colonial Penn Life

“As a long time ‘organizer’ by position, I have searched long and hard for aColonialPenn multi-tasking, event-planning, to-do organizing program that allows me to customize it to my personal preferences. I have been through a bunch of them (I won’t name them here) but I go back to the ’80’s with these kinds of PIMs and this one has put them all to shame. I specifically started looking for an updated program that would allow me customize my team and projects in October. I downloaded roughly 5 different programs that had been recommended or suggested to me until I stumbled upon ManagePro. Upon researching it’s capabilities I decided to give it a shot and I haven’t looked back since. From the moment I started my free trial, I received unbelievable support. Walking me through the characteristics of the program, getting a sense of ‘best practices’ and finding their availability to assist completely accommodating.”

– Jeff Felter


Thank you for buying ManagePro and keeping it alive. I talked to you the other day and wanted to just let you know that your program is a life-saver. Someone gave me a generous eval-extension but rest assured that I am going to purchase it before the eval period expires come hell or high water. I have spent so much time looking at PIMS and Contact Managers and as a result not getting done what I need to get done. Time-Management Experts tell me that the journey to success should be an exciting experience. Bouncing from one program to another has made my journey extremely unproductive. Your program has given me the opportunity to look at my Goals in a way that I have never done before. I am putting together my plan in pieces but that is okay. Over-time my project management skills will improve and I will eventually utilize the program to it’s fullest. What is exciting to me is that by documenting all my to-do’s and assigning to them a goal I am beginning to see the overall picture of what I do for the first time. When you improve the program please do-not tamper with the inherent structure. It beats any of the new programs out there as it is now. Keep up the good work.

– Management

Space Age Technologies

Business growth in today’s world requires carefully choreographed activities between multiple business functions… a scenario where one can easily lose the overview of the overall business goals. Without a tool that allows business leaders to easily document their plans, communicate their achievements and failures, effectively manage meetings, synchronise time requirements for limited resources across the business, leading a group of business leaders becomes like leading a “herd of cats”. ManagePro is a tool that achieves all those goals for the business leader that is prepared to make an effort to use the tool appropriately.

– Mark Geschke

Polk Audio, Inc.

I appreciate your quick response. I have been a user of your products for many years and you have always provided really great service. I want you to know that I recommend MPro highly whenever asked.

– Craig C. Georgi


If you have more than five employees to manage, this is a must have. If you are a business owner and want to achieve specific objectives, you need ManagePro.

– Lester Karplus, CEO

Hand-Held Products

You may not remember me but I wanted to say hello after not speaking with you for several years and to congratulate you and your team for continued improvements in ManagePro and encourage you to keep the improvements coming. ManagePro is a terrific concept and I really think it has the potential to become a “killer application.”

Shortly after you took over at Performance Solutions in 1998, we spoke about adopting ManagePro into a company I was managing at the time – Hand Held Products. In fact, I purchased 4 licenses (I think) and we attempted to use the system but we had difficulty with data base integrity. Nevertheless, I always thought the foundation concepts of ManagePro were terrific.

We sold Hand Held Products not too long ago. I took a short break but I’m now working with several start ups in the Charlotte area on a consulting / part time CEO basis. While cleaning out the closet about two weeks ago, I found the manual for ManagePro 3.2 and decided to check on your progress. I downloaded the latest version (5.0), played with it overnight, and purchased another license the next day.

I now use ManagePro every day as my primary management tool for of one of my clients. The goal-based structure has helped me communicate the importance of “goal-based management” to my new colleagues and ManagePro’s other work management tools help me manage this client on a part time basis.

I hope you and your team continue to develop ManagePro. I intend to become a “power user.”

– Scott Cardais

Mitsubishi Research & Development

I believe in ManagePro and without it my life at work would be very disorganized and unfocused. With ManagePro, I can handle everything my responsibilities entail. Currently, I am working on a 5 year plan for my end of the business. It is easy with ManagePro. I simply hold a brainstorming meeting, enter the goals into ManagePro, and then fill in under the goals with the tasks and assignments needed to accomplish the goal. As we neaqr the goal it is easy in ManagePro to change and add the tasks and assignments needed to redirect our efforts toward our goals. Heck, it is eaasy to change goals, too. How easy could it be? ManagePro is my key to success in the business of managing.

– Dave Childs, Manager, Emissions Testing

Digital Insight

I unexpectedly ran across your website this afternoon. It gave me great pleasure to know that ManagePro, Review Writer and Decide Right are alive and doing well. This is just a quick note to say congratulations and that I hope your company is doing exceptionally well. I purchased all three products back in the early to mid 90’s and found them to be some of the best software I had ever seen and/or used. Your software was very practical, intuitive and easy to use. I was very impressed! Tell your product managers and programmers they did a great job. I continued to use Review Writer up until about two years ago. The other two products I unfortunately have not used (because I misplaced them) in several years. If you haven’t already created a web-based ASP model for all three, you most definitely should.

Wishing you and your company all the best!

– Michael Dunn

San Jose State University

I’ve found ManagePro to be a highly versatile application and an invaluable tool for managing both people and projects. The software enables users to organize, coordinate, integrate and share a broad multiplicity of attributes ranging from strategic planning and goal setting through developing team assignments, tasks, calendars and budgets to evaluating personnel performance and providing feedback. User support is top notch. ManagePro rapidly became an indispensable component on my desktop.

– Gerald Selter, College of Science

US Navy

ManagePro is so versatile I can apply it to any work situation. It is only limited by your own creativity.

– Larry Lahtinen, Knowledge Manager, Pacific Fleet

IAT Consulting Group

AIT consulting Group

AIT consulting Group

This is the system we are using to manage our business. We have been working with them for months to develop an industry specific module.

The first time I used ManagePro was when I was managing a full facility service type of contract in 1992. I was the Group Vice-President of ISS Facility Services which was the division that handled the large single facilities where we provided multiple disciplines. This was at the time the largest contract worldwide for ISS and I was given 90 days to start it up. I had to secure office space, build it out, hire CFO, Administrative personnel, Custodial, Landscape, and Maintenance Managers, and a quality control manager. I had to negotiate with 350 vendors new contracts. Take a cleaning force that was currently 300 and reduce it in half. I discovered ManagePro while on an airplane looking in the airlines magazine. There was an article form a Regional Vice President with Wal-Mart who stated that ManagePro was the best management software he has ever used and it directly helped him be much more effective and control every aspect of his responsibilities. Knowing the enormous responsibilities of his position his testimony was enough for me.

I purchased ManagePro and put everything in it I was tasked with getting accomplished. It took me a couple of days of almost continuous work but when completed I had literally hundreds of tasks. I had performed many start ups in the past but none even close to this. I had over 40 full time managers who were sent in from all over the U.S. to assist. The task was many times compounded due to having such a short time to get everything done. ManagePro allowed me to have an exceptionally successful start up and ongoing management. Routinely my subordinates, and my boss, would comment they were amazed at how everything went so smoothly and nothing was forgotten etc. I owed it all to ManagePro.

Johnny Terrell
IAT Consulting Group

Osborne Group Stonesmith Leadership

Osborne GroupI’ve been using Managepro since version 3.1 I believe, and I could not live without this software. Working in the multitude of industry sectors that surround the theatre and entertainment world, not to forget the actual show business aspect of what I am involved with on a daily basis, Managepro has helped me keep everything moving forward. As mentioned in the body of the email you sent, regular project management software just does not cut it when it comes to the multiple disciplines that most managers are confronted with everyday. To have a software application that integrates everything from strategic planning, project management and something that will remind me to actually talk to the people I work with, for, and who work for me is priceless.

Once again, thank-you for taking on this incredible product so many years ago and also, thank-you for being such an incredible organization, as Performance Solutions Technology LLC has always been available when I managed to, “not really get it,” or, “screw up my installed application somehow,” or just needed some help and advice.

William (Bill) Macdonald-Kerr GSD

Chief Operating Officer

City of Los Angeles Fire Department

LA Fire Department

LA Fire Department

I’ve used ManagePro for 7 – 8 years. Like others, I was looking for a solution to the problem of establishing strategic and tactical goals and managing multiple projects.

Some of the tools, like Microsoft’s Project, work well for project management but lack the ability to help develop and implement strategic plans. With ManagePro I have been able to track all of our projects, develop and implement strategic plans, and ensure that the plans are in scope and on course. ManagePro has the tools that, if used daily and worked consistently, will help to successfully manage projects, to do’s, goals, strategies and performance.

A gem that may be overlooked by many is the documentation that is available to guide people through not only the use of ManagePro but the right approach in the development of goals and strategies. Very clear, concise and accurate. The experiences of Rodney Brim have been provided to any who wish to read the material and apply the lessons.

Dennis Bloemhof
Director of Systems, Los Angeles Fire Department

Stone Business Professionals, Inc.

Stonesmith Leadership

Stone Business Professionals, Inc

Stone Business Professionals, Inc.

As a consulting firm that specializes in Strategic Planning for corporations and government organizations, we searched long and hard to find the right product for our clients. Performance Solution Technology’s combination of ManagePro and MProWeb is that right product!

Stonesmith’s strategic planning process in conjunction with ManagePro/MProWeb has saved our clients save thousands and thousands of dollars given its flexibility and the ease of customizing the software to fit their specific needs. More importantly, it has allowed them to make millions based on tracking their plan’s results, milestones and goals, all in “real time”.

Performance Solutions Technology (PST) has treated our clients with the same professional care that they receive from us. PST has truly listened to our clients to add new functionality to ManagePro/MProWeb without it costing them a dime.

Our clients embrace the software because it is easy to use and very little training is needed to become proficient. It makes employee reviews quick and less subjective while allowing them to forecast strategic outcomes. The amount of time spent in the traditional meeting has been reduced 40-60%! Not only is less time spent in meeting but they are now proactive planning sessions and since everyone knows where they stand before they enter the meeting no one meets to “get an update.”

The most common benefit we hear from our clients is: “WE KNOW HOW EACH PART OF THE PLAN IS TIED TO THE BOTTOM LINE and WHO’S RESPONSIBLE for the ACCOUNTABLE RESULTS!”

And one last but important note: The entire Stonesmith firm uses ManagePro to track our goals, update client projects, communicate internally and externally. We are as reliant on it as our clients are!

Thanks to all of you at PST for your continued support to bring great value to our clients and us.

— Bryan Smith, VP

MW Manufacturers, Inc.

MW Manufacturers, Inc

MW Manufacturers, Inc

MW Manufacturers, Inc.Using these tools, visibility on executing the strategic plan is a snap. Accountability and follow-through immediately go up. If you are looking for a strategic and project management tool that brings it all together: easy to use, empowers your team and enhances your bottom line, then you need to check out ManagePro and MProWeb. Support before product purchase and after product purchase is excellent. This company doesn’t just sell product, they have senior people who help you successfully negotiate the deployment challenges and reap the rewards.

— Eric Martin, VP Information Services & Business Systems


Air Touch

Air Touch

AirTouch/CingularManagePro is the only management software program available that fills my need for follow-up capability, calendars, personnel goal setting and tracking, and appraisals. There just isn’t anything else that will do the job.

— Bruce Havens, Manager

Omaha Public Power District

Omaha Public Power District

Omaha Public Power District

Omaha Public Power DistrictManagePro helps us manage our IT strategic initiatives within the balanced scorecard methodology. This has allowed us to stay goal-centered and focused on increasing IT value for our business unit clients. The IT Management Team collaborates on both strategic and operational goals in one central database. Through use of the email connection it is much easier to keep each other informed of progress notes and documents we attach in ManagePro from a shared set of folders. Meeting management and real time documentation of action items for follow-up makes us all more efficient. We have received great training and coaching support from the PST staff. They helped us generate real value from the software.

— Veryln Kroon, Division Manager

Global Point Technology, Inc.

Global Point Technology, Inc.The Business Environment

Global Point Technology

Global Point Technology

Global Point Technology (www.globalpointusa.com) has provided and coordinated Asian sourcing since 1984. Through our locations in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Taiwan, Global Point Technology helps North American OEMs in automotive, telecom, defense, medical, office automation and other industries reduce costs without compromising quality or reliability.

The challenges of sourcing overseas are many – including lead time, freight consolidation, culture, language, etc. Accurate and rapid communication and collaboration between our locations is critical. For a long time, this was accomplished via telephone, e-mail, and video conference. While we were able to function well with these tools, much inevitable inefficiency existed.

The search for the right tool

We identified a need for a tool to allow collaboration on projects and initiatives – not just within our US location but across all members of our international organization. After a careful search we decided on ManagePro and MProWeb (M/MPro). The features which made our decision are the progress update feature and the ability to synchronize with all locations.


The first step was to roll it out at the staff level. Once department heads were active users we rolled it out to the direct report level. We felt that management needed to believe in the tools before it could be effectively implemented at the next level of the organization. The biggest challenge was breaking old habits and using M/MPro tools exclusively as the medium for exchanging mission critical information and updates, in short to be our “management operating system”. We recognized that allowing users to maintain parallel management operating systems would lead to failure. This took some time and effort to create new habits. Relentless attention to this is needed at the manager level.

The second step was to create “ground rules” for M/MPro usage and content; specifically what should go into the tool, how should it be used, and when or how often should it be updated and reviewed. Department head meetings not only reviewed goals and progress, but also the rules being used to populate M/MPro. Once the Staff Level had the discipline and process down for Mpro use, we rolled it out to the next level of the organization – making it the responsibility of the department heads to go through the same implementation methodology.

We now have all functional areas on ManagePro. All progress updates are communicated through M/MPro as are all company metrics. People look in the tool first, which is what we set as our first criteria for success. If it ([project or status update) isn’t found in M/MPro then it’s assumed to be open. This has cut down considerably on miscommunication and delays. Everybody is seeing the same information from the same source. In addition, there is no ambiguity as to who is responsible for the deliverable required for completion. An added benefit is the ability to synchronize on the road – this has proved to be a great asset when touring manufacturing locations in Asia and needing updates for projects and programs.

All this was accompanied by regular consulting sessions with PST to take us step by step through the implementation. We are continuing the consulting to help us maximize the value we get from M/MPro.

Mpro has been a great tool for our organization. Again, the biggest challenge has not been learning to use the software, but the process of breaking old information management habits and creating new ones using M/MPro. The software is now a part of our daily existence.


Global Point Technology (www.globalpointusa.com) has provided leading edge expertise and performance in sourcing engineered components since 1984 with locations in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Taiwan. Critical to our success is the ability to manage projects for a variety of industries with people and assets in multiple countries. Using ManagePro and MPro/Web across our organization has allowed us to greatly reduce our reliance on e-mail and other informal communication as well as provide clear direction as to accountability and deliverables. ManagePro has an immediate impact on our organization by reducing miscommunication, missed deadlines, and delays. Essential to our successful implementation has been ongoing consulting with PST. The software has an incredible feature set. We are very happy with our implementation progress – this would have been impossible without PST guidance.

— James Carboni, EVP/CF