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Plan, Track & Align with Your Strategy

Strategic Planning AND Execution Software

With ManagePro, you can plan, track and measure your strategy, as well as visually align your projects, your entire scope of work with our drag and drop Strategy management tools.

Why is that important, as most organizations settle for managing by power point, meetings and spreadsheets?

You see, it’s not creating a strategic plan or a list of supporting initiatives and tasks that’s the biggest challenge. It’s keeping the plan in front of people, making sure it gets worked, getting updates, and seeing and making the needed adjustments so you deliver. You’ve experienced that, right?

When you are responsible for not only a strategic plan, but breaking that down into projects and ensuring things get done and results get measured; well we think you’ll agree that the challenges are beyond a typical strategic planning tool, much less power point, spreadsheets and email.

That’s why in ManagePro we help you build a strategy and link to supporting projects, and include great tools you will need to reach your targeted outcomes. Tools like early identification & resolution of issues, schedule and alignment slips, and hidden “gotchas”. And along with managing tasks and projects to support your strategy; we provide tools for measuring results, managing meetings, documents, goals, vendors, scorecards, personal accountability, business development and tight integration with Outlook.

We make aligning your work with strategic initiatives a simple right click, while measuring, tracking progress and organizing around methodologies such as Balance Scorecard just as easy.  Suddenly it’s extremely clear which projects are supporting which strategies and what the results are… all while leaving your projects and business activities organized in the way that best suits your needs (as opposed to trying to stuff them under each strategy).

Watch the short video and we’ll explain.p>