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 April ’15

  1. What Happened to the Release of ManagePro 12?
  2. What’s New in ManagePro 12?
  3. We’re Changing the Business after 17+ years

   January ’15

  1. Version 12 Video & Beta Users
  2. The Offer for 2015
  3. Getting Analytics Going
  4. Why Don’t People Use ManagePro?

 December ’14 

  1. Version 12 Video & Beta Users
  2. The Offer for 2015
  3. Getting Analytics Going
  4. Why Don’t People Use ManagePro? 

 November ’14

  1. Survey Results:  Designing Version 12
  2. Dashboard Value
  3. Holiday Offer

 October ’14

  1. Redesigning ManagePro in Version 12
  2. First Things First

 February ’14

  1. 11.5 Upcoming Release
  2. The 3 Best Features in 11.5
  3. Your Quick Test
  4. We Need Your Help on a UI Change
  5. Help Us Stop Sex Trafficking in the US

 January ’14

  1. 90% Don’t Get It
  2. Power Tools for To-Dos
  3. An Observation and Launch

 December ’13

  1. You, Time Management & ManagePro
  2. New Stuff
  3. Compliance Management

 October ’13

  1. What’s #1 and Free $100 Amazon Card
  2. Did You Know?
  3. Free Just-In-Time Training in October
  4. Join a “Make It Happen” Webinar/Forum

 July ’13

  1. What’s PST Really About?
  2. One More New Feature
  3. Free Webinar

 April ’13

  1. ManagePro Cloud is Released!
  2. ManagePro 11.1 is Released
  3. What Do You Think?

 February ’13

  1. ManagePro Version 11 is Released!
  2. Are You Settling for Only Basic Results?
  3. What’s Coming Out Next

 December ’12

  1. ManagePro and 2012 Wrap-Up
  2. Survey Results
  3. What’s Coming Out in Q1 2013

 November ’12

  1. ManagePro 11 is Releasing the 2nd Week of December
  2. Reinventing Management
  3. Strategy Gut Check

 April ’12

  1. The New ManagePro Tour Video
  2. Are You Missing Out?
  3. Quick Updates

 January ’12

  1. Take Advantage of Our (Secret Sauce) Webinar
  2. Take Advantage of Our Free ManagePro Management Audit
  3. More Free Stuff

 December ’11

  1. A Big Year-End Thank You

 September 2011


 April ’11

  1. Version 10 of ManagePro Releases Tomorrow – 4/29
  2. Recurring Events – Use it to Increase Your Power
  3. What do the Metrics for Your 2011 Goals look like?

 March ’11

  1. Version 10 of ManagePro Releases Thursday April 7
  2. Coming up to speed on Recurring Events
  3. Working with Calculated Fields

 February ’11

  1. Beta Version 10 of ManagePro Available March 1
  2. Solving the Top Project Management Questions
  3. Getting the Customization you want

 January ’11

  1. What’s New at PST in 2011
  2. Monthly Update Service
  3. 3 Power Tips

 October ’10

  1. The New Resource Allocation Features
  2. Strategic Plan Confessions
  3. MProLite on Your Smartphone

 August ’10

  1. Updates to MProLite
  2. ManagePro Updates Due 9/7
  3. How to Avoid Low Value Collaboration

 May ’10

  1. Software Development Update on ManagePro & MProLite
  2. Task Managment; How do You Rate?
  3. Three Tips to Improve Your Game at Task Management

 March ’10

  1. What are your Critical Success Factors?
  2. Service Management Software – Do You Need It?
  3. ManagePro version 10 – Still in Process

 February ’10

  1. Updates on ManagePro and MProLite
  2. A Great Model for Prioritizing from KP Oncall
  3. Three Simple Questions that Separate Good from Bad MPro Deployments

 January ’10

1. ManagePro, a new release is coming and we need your help

  1. Strategy, Comfort and the use of ManagePro in 2010
  2. Todos + IMs; we’re building one that talks to MPro and your smart phone

 November ’09

  1. Big Changes with the new MProLite
  2. What’s coming in January for ManagePro
  3. Free Give-away of Flip camera to launch Membership site

 August ’09

  1. There’s a new version of ManagePro Outlook Addin available with Auto Sync!
  2. Working with YOU – our Customers – Improve Implementation while Avoiding Acquistion Assumptions
  3. What to do with Talented Team Members who Don’t Implement Well – steps from Dibachi’s book and 3 Foundational Rules

 June ’09 (2 of 2)

  1. How to Do More with Less using ManagePro – ManagePro 11.5 releases; check out all the new features to make your work experience a little easier, a little quicker.
  2. Membership Site for ManagePro and MProLite users. Our 6 Step Roadmap, Coaching service and User Forum.

 June ’09 (1 of 2)

  1. How to Do More with Less using ManagePro – ManagePro 11.5 Releases June 30th – check out two of the goodies we’ve stuffed inside.
  2. Membership Site for ManagePro and MProLite users. Our new Membership Site for users launches July 1st.

 May ’09

  1. ManagePro 11.5 is coming out in June, You’ve Got to See What’s Included.
  2. Miracles, Myths and What We’re Offering to Build Your Success. We would like to make a change in business.
  3. 3. Overwhelmed by Too Much Data? Use the View Buttons & View Configuration option to “Declutter” Your View

 April ’09

  1. How to Do More with Less using ManagePro – What’s common for every one.  What’s the role you assume when searching for a solution.  Compressing Time by Relentlessly Focusing on Priority.  Document to Save Time, and Expect Everyone to do so as well.
  2. ManagePro and MProLite have upcoming new features – get them if you need them – A new interim release will be available April 29th, see if the additional features are something that would benefit you.
  3. Freebees to all of our Customers – Trade You for an Introduction We’re giving away free training and consulting for referrals over the next 60 days, read about how to take advantage.

 February ’09

  1. ManagePro 11.1 – Releases with more than 14 New Features to Help you be more Efficient Read a quick review of each feature with screen shots.
  2. ManagePro beats Cognos, Microsoft and SAP for “Value Delivered” in Aberdeen Group review. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the power of the basics – see quote from Steve Jobs at Apple.
  3. ManagePro, ReviewWriter and the Big Give-Away! We’re giving away a copy of ReviewWriter as a thank you to all of our current customers.  See how you can take advantage of this offer.

 December ’08

  1. ManagePro 11.0 – Unlocking the Power in Performance Metrics A step by step review of the configuraton Wizard to help you customize the Performance Metrics to your needs
  2. Patch available for 9.0 – build 534 We’ve added 10 features and fixes based upon the first couple of weeks of feedback. Update your copy of 9.0 if the fixes and features are relevant to you.
  3. Manager/Executive Workshop – Feb. 24-25th November 25th It’s a very small, focused workshop. We’ll be covering 3 areas in depth:
    • Using the layout and list fields in ManagePro to improve tracking
    • Taking the mystery out of software adoption
    • Making sure you have your primary drivers for success in 2009 setup on scorecards

 November ’08

  1. ManagePro 11.0 Releases on December 1st Check out the list of more than 40 New Features and 45 Fixes Be on the alert for email with links to tutorial on using new features – Due Tuesday November 25th
  2. The Silver Bullet…You’ve Been Asking us ForA special upcoming video series addressing the 2 key questions every customer needs to answer, and how to accomplish the 3 Milestones necessary for being a Success with your business with ManagePro
  3. Important Link to our Free “Tracking Loss Time” form: http://www.ManagePro.com/mprodocs/RecoveringTimeatWork.xls

 October ’08

  1. ManagePro User’s Want even More out of Version 8.5
  2. Getting Out of the Email Bermuda Triangle or Email Jail

 September ’08

  1. ManagePro 8.3 elevated to 8.5 with the Addition of Major Performance Management Tools
  2. ReviewWriter is Getting Rewritten as a Web-Based Application for direct linkage into MProLite
  3. Getting out of Email Jail; what’s the secret, what’s not a secret, what’s the simple required discipline

 August ’08

  1. ManagePro 8.3 interim version (beta) is available There are many new features, including an entire upgrade of resource allocation and 30 fixes.   Read all about it and get your link to upgrade today
  2. Ready, Aim, Fire and the Important Missing 4th Step Read about the “Clean-Up” step, perhaps the most important step for organizations to weave into day-to-day operations to use technology and manage information more strategically…
  3. Interview with a ManagePro Consultant – Julian Mendoza
    You’ll find his responses both provocative and helpful to questions such as:  “If you could give all of our users some free consulting, what 3 tips should they know to help maximize their value in using ManagePro?

 June ’08

  1. ManagePro – we’ve created the Ultimate Add-in for Outlook.  Now you can work with your goals directly within Outlook; View screen shots and video overview
  2. Interview with a ManagePro User – A focus on Bill MacDonald-Kerr
    Questions include:  What software programs do you usethe most?  Biggest payoff for using ManagePro? What dopeople need to grasp about using ManagePro?  What domost people miss?

 April ’08

  1. MProLite Releases: Bright, Fast & Priced for the Enterprise
  2. Two Obstacles every Person Leading Performance Improvement Needs to Know How to Overcome
  3. ManagePro Tip: What to do When You’re Sure the Program has Lost your Data

 March ’08

  1. A Video overview of ManagePro Lite
  2. Tips on How to Import from other Programs into ManagePro
  3. The PST Advisory Service – Helping you go from Good to Great

 January ’08

  1. A Sneak Peak at the all-new ManagePro Lite version on the way
  2. Wait – MPro Mobile for your PDA is also on the way, and its FREE!
  3. Check out the New Tutorials & Blog Entries

 November ’07

  • Last Days to take Advantage of ReviewWriter Introductory Price
  • Reduce the Clutter – Tips and Suggestions
  • Blackberry and Other New Stuff upcoming

 October ’07

  • ManagePro 8.2 Releases with 3 new powerful tools, 2 additional features, and 12 fixes
  • Join me with your thoughts and perspectives on the ManagePro CEO blog

 September ’07

  • ManagePro 8.1 Releases with 15 important new features and 7 fixes
  • PST Training Seminar rescheduled to October 29th-30th

 August ’07

  • ManagePro 8.0 Releases Monday, August 6th – Be sure to upgrade!
  • PST Launches New Services with up to 50% discount

 June ’07

  • Leap Ahead to ManagePro 8 – 2nd Major Upgrade to ManagePro in 3 months
  • PST re-evaluates training and its connection with business results

 April ’07

  • Major Upgrade to ManagePro 7 releases Tuesday evening, 4/3/07
  • ReviewWriter 2007 gets a major upgrade with the addition of 360 degree reviews
  • Important, Must Read steps you need to take before 4/7 if upgrading ManagePro 7 in a shared work environment

 January ’07

  • ReviewWriter 2007 Arrives Just in Time!
  • Critical Guidelines to Improve Your Strategic Plan
  • Did you miss these 3 new features in ManagePro 7.0?

 December ’06

  • ManagePro 7 Smart rolls out Tuesday the 12th, and will replace MProWeb licenses in a ManagePro and MProWeb combined environment… please review
  • What’s Happening to MProWeb?
  • Strategic Alignment is in, Resource Allocation to be added to December 12th release.  All users hosted by PST must convert to 7.0 by December 31,2006.

 October ’06

  • ManagePro 7 Roll-out begins Wednesday, Oct. 25th
  • The Top 5 What’s New Features , the Top 10 Quick Start Sheet and Introduction Tutorials
  • Beta User Quotes & Tips for a Successful Conversion to 7.0

 September ’06

  • ManagePro 7 – Beta version to release Monday, September 25th
  • What Separates Users who get a Big ROI from MPro from the Rest?
  • Important: Clean up your database before converting to ManagePro 7

 August ’06

  • ManagePro 7 Rewrite Expanded – Check out the Demo Overview
  • The #1 Technology Mistake Smart People Make
  • PST address change; Feedback on the Task vs. To-do Survey

 June ’06

  • Task Management – We need your feedback today!
  • Totally Rewritten – ManagePro is headed your way
  • PST is moving from S. Cal to N. Cal August 1st

 April ’06

  • New Version of MProWeb and ManagePro 6.9.5 to release!
  • Make Life Easier – use the “Lead” designation
  • Don’t Miss Out on “A Day in the Life”

 January ’06

  • ReviewWriter & Training Video’s to release! 
  • Did you know? Tips for getting more use our of ManagePro & MProWeb 
  • A Quick Test of your skills, and an Alert to Sign up for upcoming Training in Seal Beach Feb. 8-10th.

 November ’05

  • MProWeb 4.1 Releases!
    • Besides and increase in speed new and revamped features include: Favorites, Gantt Chart, Today’s Planner, Progress Updates by individual, Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop e-mail
  • Three Powerful “Must Use” Concepts – Ignore at your own Risk!
    • Every change, every innovation, generates resistance
    • Initially, tools like ManagePro and MProWeb Expose more than they Change
    • Change is something you Invest in, not Assign
  • Tips for Customizing the 2nd Most Important View in ManagePro – the Assistant!

 October ’05

  • ManagePro 6.9.1 is out! What’s new in 6.9.1 & 6.1
    • Top 3 new features in version 6.9.1
    • Top 10 new features in version 6.9
  • How to use User Access and Business Groups in MProWeb to view only the information you need (separating it from all the information that’s available)
  • MProWeb 4.1 releases this month with a major re-write of the Gantt chart, but in the interim we should you five tips for saving time when working with the Today’s Plan.

 August ’05

  • The 4% Rule and Why You Need to Use It.

    (hint: Only 4% of the world uses goals consistently to continually improve, the other 96% will need assistance to do so)

  • Two Major Additions to MProWeb (and coming next month to ManagePro)
    1. Import files from Excel and Project
    2. Link to MS Project
  • Training Workshop Breakthroughs
    1. Work is like basketball and you need to do the 1,2,3 to be successful
    2. Pay attention to the 800 pound gorilla
  • Tiger Woods uses a coach, shouldn’t you?

 June ’05

  • Look at What’s Coming in MProWeb 3.9 – Hot New Features
  • User Priority 1 Correctly, e.g. pay attention to the “80-20 Rule”
  • Training and Jazz in Seal Beach – July 27-29th

 April ’05

  • The Assistant/Today’s Plan – Your #1 tool for managing, organizing and prioritizing on a day to day basis
  • 10 Steps to walk you through setting up Scorecards and Metrics in your database
  • Tips on Downloads and Deployment – Including a Deployment Map to guide you through the process