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Quiet… it’s 2012

January 06, 2012

Hey, if your week has been anything like mine, it’s been jammed
packed with stuff.  Lots of final prep for efforts to get launched this
year that weren’t quite ready for show time on Jan. 3rd.  But I bet it
didn’t contain one commodity which you and I need, probably more
than ever this year – QUIET.  Keep reading, I’ll share the surprising
reason why.

An article in 2008 on “Why You Need Quiet Time”  covered some of
the health benefits, including strengthening parts of the brains
that would normally decline with aging.  Yes I need that, being a boomer.

But the thought I wanted you to chew on was Rikki Fowler’s
statement in the article, “”Silence allows the creative process.
It’s giving the right mind space, so it can say its piece.”

What if this year you need to be more creative than you ever
have been before?  What if business as usual is not in your best interest?
What if creativity is your CRITICAL SUCCESS factor this year?
Would you properly resource it, make sure it was emphasized?

What if a lot of the old rules, especially financial ones, don’t work so
well?  Maybe your job is uncertain, your house, previously heralded
as the investment that you couldn’t go wrong with, is now under water?
The future looks uncertain.

What if it isn’t new year business as usual this January.  You know set
new goals, dust off the strategic plan, get down to business and crank…

What if more then ever, it was critical to take some time
and stop

and be Quiet,
because it’s time to pay attention and be creative. 

Maybe we all share a lot in common with Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz,
and we’re realizing more than ever that “Toto, I don’t think we’re in
Kansas anymore.”  Life isn’t looking as familiar as usual.

 Dorothy -We're not in Kansas anymore

A recent article my friend Greg Vilkin sent me, The Joy of Quiet,
does a great job of reminding us that in one generation we have
gone from gaining greater and greater access to information,
instant access, to overwhelm and the need to unplug.

One casualty of being plugged in all the time, is that we lose
time to be quiet, which is a prerequisite for being plugged into
ourself.  The quote from Michael maller, from a half century ago, is
even more valid today, as he warned, “When things come at you very
fast, naturally you lose touch with yourself.”

So beyond the health of your brain and other organs, maybe there’s
a lot of good reasons to make sure you get some quiet time regularly
as this new year kicks off.  Here’s a couple of recommendations to consider:


1. Take some time to be quiet and listen to yourself.  We all need listening
     to be able to connect, including connecting with our self.
2. Listen to the conversation going on in your head.
    Listen to the rules you’ve made up for your self about life.
    Listen to the promises you’ve made to your self. 
    It all needs some attending, and quite possible creative new approaches
    and options.
3. Finally, if you’re like me, put the quiet time on your calendar, otherwise
    it gets nudged out by all the sound and commotion around.  If you don’t
    block it out… it won’t happen.

Have a creative, blessed, tremendous year in 2012 and guard your
quiet time, there’s treasures in that space.

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