MProLite delivers the ability to collaboratively manage goals, projects, people, time and meetings... all in one browser-based application. It helps the entire team, as well as outside participants, stay on track and follow-through more effectively. And now it is iPad, iPhone and Android phone compatible!

The power of focus & follow-through combined with the ease & immediacy of the Web!

MProLite is web-based software for people who need a project and task management that is both simple and powerful to use.

MProLite combines a streamlined set of collaboration, goal and project management tools into a browser-based version of PST's desktop solution ManagePro. These powerful management tools are harnessed into the simplicity of three views:

Able to operate on either a PC or a Mac, this browser based tool combines collaboration and performance management features into one solution that can be configured to provide the following common web-based solutions:

MProLite - Web Based Project Management and Strategic Management Software

MProLite drives Focus, Results and Accountability... and it Integrates with Outlook

How does MProLite fit as a solution for our existing customers?

MProLite includes most of the powerful management tools embedded in our flagship product, ManagePro, harnessing them into the simplicity of an outline-based project and task worksheet, and a calendar tool for planning and execution.

MProLite - Web Based Project Management and Strategic Management Software

Pricing Options

MProLite is offered on a monthly subscription basis, but with very large benefits for people who are sick and tired of:

Licensing is available on either a monthly subscription basis of $20/month/user, or an annual subscription basis of $200/user the first year.

Hosting is provided by Performance Solutions Technology, or alternatively self hosting is available by purchasing PST's middleware and installing it on a Windows 2003 or 2008 Server supported by a Microsoft SQL 2005 or higher database. Organizations hosting the application internally can do so as an Intranet or Internet based solution.   PST hosts with a Windows 2008 and MS SQL 2012 database as a reference point.

System Minimums

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