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ManagePro, MProCloud and MProLite

ManagePro is all about generating the outcomes you want!  In addition to project management tools for tracking status and early identification of problems and schedule slips, you'll find tools for managing to-dos, meetings, documents, scorecards, personal accountability and strategic plans.  And whether you use it on your desktop (Standard or Plus), or in the cloud (MProCloud), it works exactly the same.

But with all those features, don't miss our unique, powerful bridge to Outlook, which enables you to:

  1. Drag and drop email onto any project, calendar time slot or to-do list for instant tracking and documentation.
  2. Email any record, any report and any written text out of ManagePro while tracking who you sent it to and the content. (Works with any Mail account)

It's all there to give you one versatile, powerful leg up in the game.
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Web-based Team/Vendors

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Bus Owners,
Project Managers

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$20/month or $200/yr
(total cost)
$60/month or $595/yr
(total cost, no additional purchase required)
Browser Based
IE, Chrome, Safari FireFox
Desktop App in the Cloud
Windows, Mac, Tablet, Phone
75% of MPro Features Full Featured
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Individual or
LAN Workgroup
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Mobile User / Work locally
Synch over the web
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$595 - Purchase
Included all annual upgrade
$1095 - Purchase
Includes all annual upgrades
Windows OS Windows OS
Full Featured Full Featured + Web Sync

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