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Priorities when running for your life or your business life

July 15, 2016

I’m on a high speed train this morning in Germany – on my way to meet with a Dr. who recently escaped from Syria with his wife and 3 young kids in hand. I already know some of his story.  He had to run at night in the dark as there were guards shooting at him, his kids and wife.  It’s a harrowing story, full of risks and choices that are absolutely critical.   When you run for your life, you take just what’s essential and you have to make a lot of decisions, and you have to make the right ones.

Why am I writing you this?

Because the choices he had to make to prioritize just what’s critical and make the right call because your life depends on it… is in a similar vein to the challenge you have at work. There’s just a lot less on the line.

As we look forward to releasing the new version of ManagePro (13.1), I want to underscore how important it is to accurately prioritize what’s important and make accurate timely decisions about those initiatives.  Ultimately your business life depends on it, whether you realize it today or not.

ManagePro is a huge help (I haven’t found anything like it) for keeping what’s important in front of me and helping me make the right call.  It’s my ultimate tool for winning at the 80/20 game (e.g. 20% of what you could address, generates 80% of your total results; 4% (the essentials) generates 2/3rds of your total results).

To help you stay on top of what’s critical and ensure it gets completed well and with creativity, ManagePro offers a number of tools.  In our soon to be released version we’ve added one more.  It’s the 80/20 Dashboard that totals the current number of priority 1 items each one of your staff is working and a rolling average over the last 90 days of what % they’ve completed on time.  Use it, it will help you and your staff.


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