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Perspective from Ian Paterson, SMC-SA:

November 25, 2009

I think that the top four value adds for me were;
1. Ease of use (a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing, but so far I’ve found MP digestible
and relatively easy to use once you understand the basic layout etc

2. Functional positioning – strategy execution and scorecards – taps into a very real need (without
having to programme / set up from scratch in something like MS Project).

3. Pricing – as I understand from comparative pricing it is more cost effective than MS Project on a significant implementation.

4. Service – incredibly responsive, friendly backup from you guys – you were genuinely interested
in my challenges and followed up with great delivery.

I was initially looking for a simple project management package that could serve as an integrator for corporate strategy implementation and monitoring without scaring the hell out of basic business people who would have to use it.

I think that MP could fit that bill well. We have a very significant problem with strategy execution in the public sector in this country. Many project managers trying to assist but often without the strategic knowledge or performance management insight to be able to provide appropriate tools – often creating great dependency on themselves rather than empowering managers to think and act both strategically and from a ‘project’ perspective.

In one of my associated businesses Bridge Human Capital Solutions, we are the Africa distributors for an HRMIS talent management system and e-recruitment product (ETWeb & iGRasp) from Stepstone in Germany. I think that MP bridges the gap between facilitating / crafting strategy, translating it into actionable, measurable plans / metrics and then inputting data into an HRMIS
for broader performance management/ career development / succession planning functionality.

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