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Personal Disruptive Innovation – Being a Leading Niche Service to Yourself

August 04, 2009

If letting go of your certainty is one vehicle for opening up the doors to
improve personal innovation, are you certain there’s enough disruptive
innovation in your life?   Did you just sigh?  I think I may have.
Sometimes we’re just tired and innovating looks like a lot of work,
not to mention risky.  But I’m betting that most of us don’t have enough
disruptive innovation working for us

If that’s you, let me touch on a suggestion you might find of value. It has
to do with acting or treating yourself as a niche business client – let me explain.

Entrepreneur magazine published a recent article on “5 Steps to Building
a Successful Niche Business
“.  They define the road to success as follows:
“the key … to success is to capitalize on a niche marketplace that you feel
is being underserved… and simply, better serve them.”  Well actually it
involves a sales funnel to contact them, but back to the point.

As they listed what to focus on, I thought, “Hm, what a handy guide
for the kind of focus that helps each one of us be more innovative.”
Let me give you a couple of examples.  I’ll start with their quote
each time.

1. “Who lives in your marketplace and why have they been underserved?”

What if the who is You?  The marketplace is where you’ve placed
yourself in the world of work.  Is it a position that serves you well?
As Dr. Phil would say, “Is it working for you?”  Does it make the best
of your assets and your opportunities?  Are you doing anything
about it?

Imagine that you are niche consulting business trying to sell a
service to yourself.  Are you capable?  Does it look like you’ll do
the job?  How have you done so far?

Would you trust your career to yourself?   Would you hire yourself?
psst.  You already have, read on.

2. “How can you better serve them? How can you unite them?
In short, why is your simple service the solution to their problem?”

Here’s a thought.  Maybe simple services that really change
the game
, including in your own behalf, are almost always
some form of disruptive innovation
.    In fact it’s hard to think
of standing out, when you’re getting things done exactly the same way
everyone else is.

Your job is to simply provide a better service to yourself, than has
been provided in the past.  The simple concept is important, because
most of us have so little head room left, that to invoke a change and
sustain it to a better outcome means it has to be simple.  Something
complex like learning to play the piano get’s abandoned after about
the 3rd good intention.

So if you were going to really serve yourself well.  Provide a really
simple, but powerful means of growing your own brand… would it
look like doing more of the same, making just a couple of tweaks…
or doing something decidely and disruptively innovative?  I bet
the latter.

Bottom Line:

Think of you as being in charge of your career development, as the
service provider to yourself, your personal brand – you are  you know.�
What would be a simple service you could provide yourself that would be
of high, differentiating value?  I bet it’s not more of the same… on to
supporting ourselves with disruptive innovation!

Your thougths and comments?

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