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Performance Tools – Use Them or Leave

July 27, 2010

What if someone told you, either use our performance tools or leave.
That’s just what one of our customers did with his entire company
recently.  What would you do?  What if you needed to convey the
message?  Guess what, if you are managing people, you probably do
need to convey that message from time to time.

This is the second blog in a series on limits or lines and performance.
When it comes to managing business information as it relates to
getting work done, collaboration, coordination, etc; tools present
a significant challenge and impasse to performance for many people.
Sometimes the resistance you encounter when deploying
performance tools would make you think you’re challenging
the bill of rights.  What’s that all about?  (See links below)

I just got a call from a contractor who built our office.  What do you
think he would say if some of his framers said they didn’t want to use
nail guns, they preferred to hammer each nail manually.  Or what if
the sheet rock help said instead of using power screw guns, they
wanted to put in each screw with an old style screwdriver and lots
of wrist action.  You guessed right.  He would show them the door,
it just costs too much to use old tools. 

If it costs too much to use old tools in the construction industry,
don’t you think it costs too much to use old tools in your business?
So this leads up to the second limit most people don’t get or know

#2 Use the right tool to get the job done expediently, the
right process to save everyone else time. 

Did you catch the twist?  Using the right tools will ultimately make
you go faster, but not necessarily at first, given there’s always some
learning curve. 

But the big performance boost is that if you use the right tool and
the right process, you save other people time… lots of time and
ultimately money.

Let’s go back to construction for a second.  Is it easier to grab a
hammer off of your tool belt and start pounding away, or go
get the nail gun, the extension cord, plug it in and come back
to start the job.  It’s a no-brainer.  Hit it with the hammer.  But
the person with a nail gun passes the hammer thrower by the
2nd 2×4.

That’s how most of us are when it comes to using information
management tools
that have a performance boost built in.
It’s easier to just manage information manually.  Writing it
down is very immediate, sort of like grabbing the hammer off
the tool belt.  But it actually slows the overall process down.

When it comes to anyone else having to touch the information,
including us, it really slows the production process down
when staff haven’t used the right tool and process. 

With the right tool, you’ve got the information at your finger
tips.  When people are using the wrong meeting, you can’t find
the information.  You need to make a call, send an email,
walk down the hall, have a meeting, dig through your email
inbox, sort through an old power point report.  You know the

So what if you got serious about using the right tools, the
right process?  What if you got serious about it as a requirement
for anyone who worked on your team?  Don’t you think
it’s about time?

Bottom Line:

Using the right tool and the right process in managing information
and people is a hidden limit, which when enforced can  boost
performance as well as dramatically save time for anyone who
has to interact or use the information originally created.  What
tools, what processes should you draw the line at, in your team?
If you don’t draw this line, you are losing at the performance game.

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I use ManagePro software as a productivity tool. It has performance scorecards so I can see which goals are performing and who on my team is under achieving http://getitdone.quickanddirtytips.com/


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