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Powerful Outlook Email Integration

Integration with MS Outlook

Most of our customers use Outlook, and if that includes you, we’ve got some great features to make sure details don’t slip through the cracks in your Outlook inbox, as well as shorten the time you spend each day managing the dozens of emails you likely review each day.

Within ManagePro you can email any record, report or notification, and you have a record that it’s been sent, just for backup. But that’s not what we would like to focus on. Beyond that functionality, we have been determined to make your inbound email and the requests embedded in Outlook serve your management needs with a unique “email drag and drop” feature & synchronization to your Outlook calendar… all from within ManagePro or our optional Outlook Addin.

Let’s briefly go over the specifics. First of all your Outlook calendar syncs up to the ManagePro calendar, displaying your events or meetings and your to-dos or tasks as Outlook describes them. Your ManagePro calendar synchronizes the events and to-dos you have in it, with your Outlook calendar. Entries in either application are replicated in their counterpart once you finish the sync.

But there’s a difference. Outlook can only track your tasks by the day to which they are assigned. In ManagePro, you can drag them within your hourly calendar display with much greater flexibility to displays to-dos on an hour by hour basis as you move through each day. It’s designed to make it easier to easier to keep it “all in front of you” as you work through the day.

But the best part, is the ability to drag email out of your Inbox and directly into ManagePro as updates on key projects or simply plugging them directly into your calendar as a to-do to be addressed later that day. Just imagine, you can drag information from email right into the database wherever it is needed, allowing for easier recording of status, material needs, commitments, problem notices, … whatever.

It’s all designed to make it much easier to manage all the work and follow-ups embedded in email, while allowing for easier assignment of to-dos in response to incoming emails, status updates, recording of commitments, problem notices, etc.

We’ve put together a short video to demonstrate three of our most powerful methods for integrating with Outlook. See what you think.