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 November 2014 Newsletter:

  1. Survey Results: Designing Version 12
  2. Dashboard Value
  3. Holiday Offer 

1. Survey Results: Designing Version 12

First of all, thank you very much for all of those of you who invested your time in giving us feedback on the upcoming user interface changes for Version 12 of ManagePro.

Have the fun is getting feedback on the results, so let me share the results with you and what we decided to do, based upon your input.

1. Office or traditional menu versus Drop down (blog like) menu:
Results:  2/3rds of you wanted to stay with the known, traditional menu configuration. However the 1/3 that wanted the drop down menu, pointed out that it made the display look less condensed and was easier to work on a tablet, where space is a premium.   So we are currently working on giving you the option to select either type of menu system.


2. Tab or Bread Crumb top line:
Results:  2/3rds of you wanted to move towards the bread crumb design, 1/3 wanted to stay with the traditional tabs.  On this option we don’t have an effective way to give you an option, so we will be going forward with the majority, but will make it intuitive and easy to see options.


3. Traditional Grid or Facebook-like display of progress updates and to-dos:
Results:  Over 80% indicated they wanted to move from the current grid view to a format that looked more like the comment windows you access when using Facebook, Linkedin, etc.  So that’s what we are working to provide.  By-the-way, this means we hope to support displaying pictures of people, not just their initials, starting with the People and Meetings display.

4. Current grid-lines versus less grid lines in the Main Workspace:
Results:  Over 80% prefered that we stay with the current grid look with horizontal and vertical lines separating each field, so that’s what we will do.

Thanks again for participating with us in the design effort.   We have one more question on the design.  See below.

2. Dashboard Value?

Please take a moment to think about this next question carefully.

One of the common reactions we hear new users make is that ManagePro seems “overwhelming” to them, as if all the tools built into it feel like a learning curve burden, not an enhanced toolbox.

Given that, we’re a bit nervous about adding new tools, as you can imagine.

So here’s the question for you.   We’ve been thinking about adding a dashboard function to ManagePro.   See the mock up below.   It would display as another option in the right side views.  But before we do, we would like to hear from you. 

a) Would you actually use a dashboard if we built it into ManagePro? and
b) What kind of things would you want to track in the dashboard?  Please click hereand email me your thoughts.

Here are some examples for items you might want to track in the dashboard:
– Sales, labor costs, profit, and other $ values
– # of tasks remaining, # of tasks completed, # of priority 1 tasks remaingin, for a specific project or all projects   
– Summary of prospects in a funnel, traffic on your website, # of products in the field, etc.


3. Holiday Offer

Just in case you missed the email yesterday on this offer, wanted to run it by you again, don’t want you to miss out.


The Tin Woodman in the Wizard of Oz made the song and phrase “If I only had a brain” a classic.  If you are like most of us about this time of year, it feels like you need two brains and 4 sets of arms to get everything done.

Here is what I would like to offer, because we would like help you be a hero as you close out the year.  If you remember there was only so much time to reach the city of Oz.

To the extent I have support staff available through the end of the year, I will make them available to you at a 50% discount to help you get anything done using ManagePro that will help you.

You are probably already thinking of a couple of things, but here are some examples:

1.      Grab a report written in word or power point or excel, parse it out and plug it into ManagePro as a project plan with progress updates.

2.      Pick up your dictation as you review a project and convert it into progress updates, closing out goals, to-dos and cleaning up as we go.

3.      Help you clean up your strategic plan as you wrap up the year and supporting documentation, scorecards or reports.  Get it up in the cloud so that others can view, work with it.

4.      Jump online and teach you how to do anything you want to do in ManagePro.

Here is what you need to know and do next:

1.      I will make available staff time, on a first come, first schedule basis, through the remainder of the year, but you need to put in your request by December 15th (even if the time you are wanting help is after that).

2.      The charge is $60/hr;  that iss 50% off of our regular online training charge of $120/hr.

3.      You will need to write me (pbrim@managepro.com) or call me (707) 487-3000 to schedule and reserve time from our staff.        

I am looking forward to using our resources to take some of the load off of you, as well as make you look like a hero, organized, up-to-date and on top of things.  So are you ready to make it happen?


 Have a great Thanksgiving!


Patti Brim,  
Performance Solutions Technology 

Email: pbrim(at)managepro.com
Blog – http://www.rodneybrim.com/

P.S. About that brain thing, I think you will really like the blog Rodney wrote entitled Guidelines for Optimally Using Your Brain at Work  –http://www.managepro.net/guidelines-for-optimally-using-your-brain-at-work/ 

P.P.S.  If you need to get some work done on your strategic plan, either to wrap up this year, or to start laying it out in ManagePro, complete with metrics for next, I have got Rodney to agree to do the first hour free if you purchase a minimum of 4 hours as part of this Holiday Offer – again, let me know.