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1. What Happened to the Release of ManagePro 12?
2. What’s New in ManagePro 12?
3. We’re Changing the Business after 17+ years

1. What Happened to the Release of ManagePro 12?

You’re probably wondering, “What happened, I thought version 12 would be out by now?”  Sorry for the ambiguity, we’ve been behind in keeping you updated.  Here’s the scoop.business_suit_shrugging

ManagePro 12 has been out for several weeks to Beta users that are using the standard version.  But our general release has continued to be postponed partly due to:

  • The challenge of fixing all the bugs arising from the changes we added so you have a great experience when you use it, (that will make more sense when you see all the new features) and
  • Feedback from our customers (“please fix or improve this before releasing version 12).  The latest request has been the feedback that the synchronization for MProPlus takes too long, especially for customers in Asia.  So we’ve spent the past couple of weeks rewriting major portions of the code, with the result being that ManagePro syncs about 10x faster than before, but again it pushed us beyond our expected release date.

Barring any more unforeseen requests, we are about 10 business days out from release.  But, I’ll be sending you a notification a week before the cut-over.  Please note that on the day we do cut-over, if you are using MProPlus and synchronizing to our webserver, you will need to update your license the morning after we cut over (we’ll do the cut over in the evening). 

Also note that if you have a number of users using work-group mode, once one person upgrades, everyone will need to upgrade to continue access the program as the changes to the database structure are significant, e.g. once a database is in version 12 mode, version 11 and 11.5 uses won’t be able to access the database.


2. What’s New in ManagePro 12?

There are a number of major changes that you will likely not notice.  Things like the fact, as I mentioned above, we’ve rewritten and speeded up the sync, but we’ve also:

  1. Rewritten and improved the synchronization to Outlook,
  2. Redesigned the display of the Mindmap view, and
  3. Redesigned the Analytics view opening.

That’s behind the scenes stuff, and it is extensive in version 12.  However we’ve also added 15 new features and created a pdf to walk through the 15 new features you will be able to see and use.  By-the-way, be sure to read all the way to the last.  The 15th new feature is our new Dashboard, and by far the biggest change to the codebase.  When we send you the one week notice heads-up, I’ll also have a video made up to walk you through how to use that feature in detail.

Here’s the Link to review and printout the 15 New Features in ManagePro 12: 



3. We’re Changing the Business after 17+ years

If you’ve caught Rodney’s blogs lately you will have noticed that he’s been focusing on helping businesses focus on the 20% of their business that generates 80% of the returns, and in particular identify and execute the 4% initiatives that will take a business group or an entire organization to the next level.  We are doing the same with our business. 

The Advent of Easter, Christ rising from the dead, and new beginnings seems like an appropriate time to make the change.  As we look back at all the great experiences we’ve had with you, our customers, over the past 17 years, all but a few of our major successes in helping organizations realize really significant gains, as been when they pulled Rodney in to consult with them. 

It’s one thing to buy ManagePro software, it’s quite another to have Rodney involved with the management team and use ManagePro to drive results.  Reflecting on that, we’ve decided it really serves people best if we focus on the advisory side of our business.   It’s where we make our biggest contribution.  I don’t know how much you know about Rodney’s track record.  He doesn’t talk about it much, but it includes a $40m gain in 6 months with one firm, and a $150m gain in one year with another firm.  Then there’s the time in 2010 where in 90 days he personally led the software user interface creation effort and is on the patent for the Avaya Flair which was award one of the top 20 cool products of the year. 

I’m not so much writing that to brag about him (but I’m happy to do that as well), but mostly writing to say that if he’s not a resource for your organization, you’re missing out, and I hope you give me a call and let me see what I can do to fit you into his schedule to consider what’s possible if he helps you with your top tier initiatives and make or break projects (that’s the stuff he likes to work on).

But what does our change mean for all of you, our loyal users?  Perhaps you’re wondering about that… I would be if I read this.  So let me speak to that before I wrap up this newsletter.  Going forward:

  • We’ll still be providing technical support to all of you, our user base.
  • We’ll continue to come out with new releases, albeit at a slower rate, and typically with features that are focused more specifically  on executing top tier initiatives, and less on general project management.
  • You’ll see us offering ManagePro for free to customers that buy various consulting packages with Rodney.   Quite literally we are shifting from leading with ManagePro to leading with Rodney’s expertise, which includes using ManagePro as a platform for quantum leaps ahead.  Here’s an example on our website: Advisory Services

I hope you join us in our refocusing effort, to not only use our best expertise via Rodney’s services, but also identify and focus on the 4% in your business, your department, your team that generates the highly leveraged results and drive that to a successful outcome.

Have fun with version 12 and give me a call to schedule a time slot to talk about your 4% initiatives.


Patti Brim
Performance Solutions Technology
Ph. (707) 487-3000
Email. pbrim@ManagePro.com