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Management Series:

1) Kick-Start Your Team’s Productivity: How to raise
productivity across your team by over 12% in just four steps:

  1. Everyone leverages the power of priorities
  2. All priorities get weekly updates (Summary, Issues & Next Steps) that prompt critical thinking
  3. Track & Score the success of completing weekly priorities and rank order publically across teams and recognize with emails from executive or team lead
  4. Use one application (ManagePro) to manage it all from one work space

2) Five Fundamentals to Build Out-of-the-Park Performance …

The five performance building fundamentals are:

  1. Build a compelling case, a compelling story, for the change required to raise performance
  2. Build engagement and buy-in, with particularly attention to recognition
  3. Implement visibility and information management so everyone has the information they need at their fingertips
  4. Implement “brain friendly” project management as a basic process for organizing work
  5. Create a culture of accountability, based upon rigorous follow-up on follow-through

Fundamentals to Build “Out of the Park” Performance (pdf)

3) FOR2CE – 6 Management Characteristics to Develop Your Personal Power

Learn to implement these important steps:

  1. Growing your power and ability to impact
  2. Taking it one step at a time
  3. Change occurs within the context of a relationship

4) How to communicate more effectively at work, using a simple quadrant system to understand how people’s brains are wired differently.

Management Edge Series

Performance management is the act of setting targets, measuring performance, and making decisions based on relevant data. This series on Performance Management series covers strategies to improve your performance. This is the first video and covers “What is Performance Management, Why You’re Not Using it and What it’s Costing You”.

This is the second video in our Management Edge Series: Strategic Management and explores the question,”How can I be a more effective strategic manager and how can technology help?” By understanding what strategic management is, managers are able to align business strategy to the activities of the business in order to make better decisions.

Choosing the right fit in project management software requires asking the right questions. This is the third video in our project management series and explores the question, ” What’s the value of having everyone use project management software versus just the PM?” Learn when it is better to have everyone involved in using project management software and when it is okay for just the project manager to use the software.

High Performance Thinking

High Performance thinking is a way of regularly balancing the need to reach an outcome with the time remaining. This short video provides examples of high performance thinking. It also explores how ManagePro & MProLite can help improve your performance at work.

Technology for using Goals at Work

Using the right technology is very important to realizing the benefit of goal setting in the workplace. There are a number of studies that verify that productivity and performance increase with the use of goals… ManagePro and MProLite provide a technology for realizing those gains, instead of goals simply being an aspiration, or best intentions.

5) 5 Steps to Create an Environment for Improved
Performance within Organizations

  1. 1 of 2 Performance Improvement Webinar: (35 minutes)
    1. Check-in Your Assumptions.
    2. Create Visibility around Plans, Value and Results
  2. 2 of 2 Performance Improvement Webinar (16 minutes)
    1. Documenting and Measuring,
    2. Leveraging Reviews and
    3. Response/Recognition

6) The “Magic Sauce” in-depth webinar where analyze and demonstrate how different customers achieved great results using ManagePro, complete with their own un-edited descriptions (47 minutes).

7) The ManagePro Youtube channel is at with more than 50 training video’s to assist you in maximizing the value you receive from using ManagePro.