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MProLite – Web Based Project Management Software

MProLite delivers the ability to collaboratively manage goals, projects, people, time and meetings… all in one browser-based application. It helps the entire team, as well as outside participants, stay on track and follow-through more effectively. And now it is iPad, iPhone and Android phone compatible!
The power of focus & follow-through combined with the ease & immediacy of the Web!

The power of focus & follow-through combined with the ease & immediacy of the Web!

MProLite is web-based software for people who need a project and task management that is both simple and powerful to use.

MProLite combines a streamlined set of collaboration, goal and project management tools into a browser-based version of PST’s desktop solution ManagePro. These powerful management tools are harnessed into the simplicity of three views:

  1. A Scorecard/dashboard display of goals and projects being tracked with metrics.
  2. An Outline or work plan display of goals/projects, action plans and tasks, each with attached progress updates, document management, todos and event tracking.
  3. A Today’s Plan view encompassing a Calendar view and To-do and Event lists reflecting “What needs to happen today”?

Able to operate on either a PC or a Mac, this browser based tool combines collaboration and performance management features into one solution that can be configured to provide the following common web-based solutions:

    • Project management
    • Task management
    • Goal-based business and MBO management
    • Balanced Scorecard
    • Collaboration
    • Performance Management

Mprolite screen shot

MProLite drives Focus, Results and Accountability… and it Integrates with Outlook

        • It’s easy to use – Everyone benefits from being able to track what’s important, what’s done and what’s next.
        • Visibility and drill down that’s just a click away – Objectives, to-dos and events are sorted according to both the direct report they are assigned to and the overall work objective or project they address – details just can’t slip through the cracks.
        • It synchronizes with MS Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 as well as providing Drag & Drop of Outlook email into MProLite.
        • It’s scalable from a single team to the entire enterprise – Using the same MS SQL database as ManagePro Plus and MProCloud, assures plenty of room to support growth. And here’s the best news, being browser based, it’s easy and cost efficient for your IT department to implement and maintain.
        • Access it anywhere, but the focus is always on results and performance – Goals and priorities are incorporated right into the daily calendar, to offset the tendency to fight fires and miss moving priorities ahead.

How does MProLite fit as a solution for our existing customers?


MProLite includes most of the powerful management tools embedded in our flagship product, ManagePro, harnessing them into the simplicity of an outline-based project and task worksheet, and a calendar tool for planning and execution.

        • It functions as a stand-alone product for those users who want an entirely web-based collaboration and performance management product.
        • It provides an easy-to-use extension of ManagePro functionality for each direct report in an organization (with the executives and managers using ManagePro Plus and Cloud on their PCs for its additional drill-down and management capabilities).
        • It provides the perfect tool for coordinating with alliance partners, contractors, vendors and board members via the management of assigned objectives or commitments and the performance management scorecard features.
        • It provides an immediate platform for consultants to enhance their ability to view and impact client focus and follow through on deliverables.

Pricing Options

MProLite is offered on a monthly subscription basis, but with very large benefits for people who are sick and tired of:

        • Missed deadlines despite hours of meetings
        • No feedback until it’s too late
        • Mountains of e-mail, but people don’t seem to have time to work your priorities
        • Wasting time tracking down critical information
        • Sitting through long status update meetings and power point presentations
        • Having to tell boss, or your customer, that you aren’t going to be making that next deadline

Licensing is available on either a monthly subscription basis of $15/month/user, or an annual subscription basis of $165/user the first year.

Hosting is provided by Performance Solutions Technology, or alternatively self hosting is available by purchasing PST’s middleware and installing it on a Windows 2003 or 2008 Server supported by a Microsoft SQL 2005 or higher database. Organizations hosting the application internally can do so as an Intranet or Internet based solution. PST hosts with a Windows 2008 and MS SQL 2012 database as a reference point.

System Minimums

        • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS for desktop or laptop use
        • Google Chrome, Windows Internet Explorer 6 and above, Firefox 2x & above or Safari 3x and above
        • iPad, iPhone and Android phone as a browser-based application
        • Minimum CPU speed of 1.6 gHz and 4 Gig of RAM
        • Minimum Display Resolution is 1024×768, 1280×1024 recommended

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