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MPro Mobile Application Feedback from Avaya

December 12, 2007

MproWeb MobileDesign Target: Highly functional “Add-On” application for existing ManagePro and MproWeb users, providing 5 basic functions for the logged in user with minimal learning curve:

1. Today’s View (list of items scheduled for Today)
2. To-do list
3. Event list
4. GAPR Outline view with basic related data records
5. Email outbound of records

Feedback: PST requests feedback from Avaya team members in the form of comments attached to this blog entry. Please provide your first name and last initial for reference as well as the phone model being used. In terms of type of feedback requested, the following areas at a minimum would be very helpful:

1. Ease of Use / Relative Learning Curve Imposed on the Use – What % of the application is immediately obvious how to use, and what % takes _ minutes to feel comfortable with?
2. Transition from previous use of ManagePro – What features felt like it required a learning curve transition from other versions of ManagePro, and what level of obstacle did that transition(s) represent?
3. Intuitive Design – Are there any parts of the application that left you wondering “What do I do next?
4. Feature Functionality – Did the features work without gliches?
5. Wow Effect – Compared to other mobile/Blackberry applications in the marketplace, what’s the relative Wow effect when using MPro Mobile? 6. Price Point – Based on other known applications what would you expect to pay for this type of functionality? 

Configuration: Make sure the browser application in your phone has the following enabled:

Blackberry Devices (320 pixel supported, layout issues with 240 pixel phones)
1. Enable Javascript
2. Enable HTML Tables
3. Enable CSS Style Sheets
4. Enable Javascript Popups
5. Use “Mobile” view (not “Desktop” view)

Nokia Devices (Actual Settings Unknown, in general 🙂
1. Enable Javascript/Jscript
2. Enable CSS Styles and HTML Tables
3. Enable Cookies

Palm OS Treo (Blazer Browser) (Some known layout issues in Details view)
1. Set Small Font
2. Use “Wide” mode
3. Enable Javascript
4. Enable Cookies

Windows Mobile Devices
1. Use “Fit to Screen” or “Desktop” mode.

Also, make sure your device is not set to “WAP” or “Optimized” mode; some phones have an “optimized” mode for browsing which basically ignores the entire layout configuration and displays all elements in a vertical list. Note: The application does not support two users logging in simultaneously with the same name and password. The last person entering in that mode will cancel out the previous users’ session. Bottom line use your own login name and password.

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