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Peter Drucker, in his book The Practice of Management, was the first to stress and popularize the concept of managing by objectives that were defined and agreed upon a manager and their direct report.  Drucker also talked candidly about the challenges of managing with the MBO process when he said, “MBO works if you know the objective, 90% of the time you don’t.”

At its core, the MBO process consists of several steps:

  1. The manager and direct report review organizational objectives and set/prioritize specific objectives for the direct report in a participative decision making process.
  2. These objectives are represented as a cascading outline of goals and objectives.
  3. At periodic intervals, the manager and direct report check to see if objectives are being accomplished and make appropriate adjustments.
  4. Completions of objectives are evaluated by measurable criteria with explicit time periods.
  5. The direct report (and manager) are rewarded to the extent to which the objectives are met.

 Although the concepts and impact of managing by objectives is just as relevant today as ever, it’s challenging to find a software tool that builds on the time-tested management of objectives principles while incorporating the latest technology and research on what’s drives performance.

 Check out ManagePro.  It’s a management software built on the value of MBO principles, giving you a complete framework for establishing clear goals and objectives, measurements and report tracking for everyone on the team. It then adds the best of:

  • Project management and instant visibility/alerts on status
  • Performance management, scorecards and analytics, and
  • Tops it off with a unique bridge to Outlook, with calendar synchronization and more importantly the ability to drag and drop email into ManagePro for instant tracking and integration into your MBO and project plans.

And the ManagePro solution is delivered to you and your team in your choice of a desktop or cloud-based solution, or a combination of the best of both environments.

This is a must 

“If you have more than five employees to manage, this is a must have. If you are a business owner and want to achieve specific objectives, you need ManagePro.”  – Lester Karplus, CEO

It’s Priceless

“To have a software application that integrates everything from strategic planning to project management and something that will remind me to talk to the people I work with, for and who work for me is… priceless.”  – Bill Macdonald-Kerr, COO, The Osborne Group

It’s Indispensable

“I have found ManagePro to be indispensable as the means of managing… strategic issues and small as well as large, complex projects from early conception through to closure and handover. The strength of ManagePro is its flexibility to permit the user to structure the user interface to suit the way he/she works.”  – David Payne, COO, Bemex Corporation

It helps you and others stay on course

“I’ve used ManagePro for 7-8 years. Like others, I was looking for a solution to the problem of establishing strategic and tactical goals, and managing multiple projects… With ManagePro I have been able to track all of our projects, develop and implement strategic plans, and ensure that the plans are in scope and on course.” – Dennis Bloemhof, Director of Systems, LA Fire Department

Versatility and Flexible Configuration

“ManagePro, is so versatile I can apply it to any work situation. It is only limited by your own creativity.” – Larry Lahtinen, Knowledge Manager, Pacific Fleet, US Navy


ManagePro can assist you in making management by objectives work with you and your direct reports, and more importantly help you reach your objectives with less stress.  If you would like to know how to use your version of ManagePro to better accelerate MBO practices in your organization, please call us to set up an initial free consultation. 

If you don’t have a copy of ManagePro, your next high value MBO should be to complete a demo with us.   Our recommendation:  don’t leave this page without first signing up below to demo ManagePro, it is the MBO software that enables you to work smart.  We’ll see you in the demo.