One Solution to Improve Performance through Coordination, Collaboration & Scorecards

ManagePro(R) delivers in one team performance application  a complete set of software tools for strategically managing the entire work process, providing in one shared work space the following core features:

  • Project management and Task management
  • Integration with Outlook (synchronization and drag and drop email)
  • Performance management and Goal Management
  • Strategic Planning and Scorecards
  • Meeting management
  • Document management, Time cards and Analytics

ManagePro(R) is designed to enable a coordinated, collaborative work effort - the essence of Getting Things Done

It is an integrated, multi-purpose management software solution for coordinating the entire work effort, from strategic goals, to project and task management, to individual performance. It combines performance, project and meeting management tools into an easy to use set goals - work the plan - document results format.

ManagePro(R) gives you the power at your finger tips to simultaneously manage people, projects, tasks and goals. ManagePro(R) is the management professional's workspace of choice, truly 'One place where it all comes together.' It provides a multi-view environment of goal and project plans, worksheets, timelines and scorecards, all having the ability to drill down to a lower level of detail with a simple point and click.

ManagePro is available in four configurations.  ManagePro Standard, MProCloud and Plus provide a common feature set of project, task, and performance management tools whether you are operating from a desktop or the cloud.  MProLite is browser based version of ManagePro, operating on either a Windows or Mac pc, and does not include the resource allocation or analytic tools the other ManagePro editions include.

  • The Standard Edition provides a desktop solution for the individual user and/or team utilizing a LAN.  ManagePro Standard installs a SQL database on the user's local drive and is able to access a database on a local drive or a LAN drive.
  • The MProCloud Edition provides the full functionality of the desktop version of ManagePro (Standard), but in the cloud.  The cloud edition of ManagePro is designed as an enterprise solution, providing the scalability and centralization to coordinate multiple users accessing a single ManagePro database on the web from PCs, Macs, tablets... even phones. One application to enable your entire work force to be more coordinated, collaborative and accountable.
  • The Plus Edition adds web-based synchronization to enable mobile worker and executives to work from their individual pc while staying current with the larger organization by synchronizing via the web. ManagePro Plus installs a SQL database on the user's local drive for immediate access and synchronizes that database with a remote database on a web server.
  • The MProLite Edition provides an enterprise solution using a browser-based hosted version of ManagePro.  Simple, to the point, no installation or maintenance issues.  It runs on PCs or Macs and accesses the same database as Plus and MProCloud users, providing a total solution.

What ManagePro(R) provides:

  • A software package designed to help people in management and their direct reports coordinate their work effort to achieve targeted goals and improved results using a 'goal, action plan, results' format - our platform for strategic project management.
  • It provides multiple tools to organize, track and report information, for people that manage a multitude of roles, tasks, projects and people within a given day and typically interface with Outlook.
  • As a management software, it ties together everything from the strategic plan to today's tasks and e-mail, while organizing project and performance data into efficient, cascading displays to provide both context and drill-down capabilities in a single click.
  • Although you can use it for task management, it's more than just a personal information manager (PIM) - much more. Yes it helps you organize and prioritize your day, but it also helps you stay on track to reach your objectives, and help your team or direct reports do the same.
  • ManagePro's goal management features help you develop people, with performance scorecards, direct ties to business results and strategic goals, and it links with ReviewWriter, PST's performance appraisal automated report generator.
  • Tying everything into goals and outcomes, it ultimately provides a more effective way to work and a platform for strategic performance management.

ManagePro(R) offers a "better" - more effective way to work

  • In simple terms, "better" refers to improved performance. Backed up by more than 100 studies, people consistently achieve more when they structure work around setting goals, working a plan to reach those goals and documenting their results. ManagePro helps you bring that to reality.
  • From another perspective, "better" refers to an improvement over the time honored method of managing by to-do lists, memory and meetings. Managing by lists and meetings simply isn't as effective.
  • You'll be more effective using ManagePro to manage meetings. It is very difficult (if not impossible) to keep up, when managing by writing down to-dos, getting status updates verbally and trusting that you and others will remember and follow-through on action items discussed in a meeting.
  • ManagePro gives you unparalleled visibility on follow-through and results in what can be a very dynamic market environment. Given Davis & Meyer's comment (Blur), "Reality is much messier than any linear chain," most managers good intentions for following up on objectives and assignments give way to checking off to-dos, more meetings, decreased availability of information and a lack of focus upon goals.

Would ManagePro help you in your work life? Answer this question and you should know.

"In two clicks, even in two minutes, can you pull the top 3 goals each of your direct reports are working on this quarter?

How about viewing their progress status report for the past week, their status report for the prior month, and their plan for reaching that goal?"

Let's go a little bit further.

ManagePro is all about generating the outcomes you want.  And as you know, there is so much more to getting things done than the basic project management features of creating project structure, assigning resources and due dates.  That is why we also include great tools for early identification and resolution of issues, schedule slips and process problems lurking beneath a schedule and milestones.  To that feature set we add tools for managing to-dos, meetings, documents, goals, new ideas, vendors, scorecards, personal accountability, strategic plans and tight integration with Outlook.  All to give you one versatile, powerful leg up in the game, -  because at the end of the day itís about results.   

The capability of ManagePro(R)

ManagePro Plus, MProCloud and MProLite editions all link together using a common database, making effective user of the Web to make it easier to stay connected and coordinated with others. ManagePro Plus synchronizes it's local copy of the ManagePro database with an organization-wide database on the web. MProCloud accesses the organization's database directly through the web on most devices as a hosted service or one that you can place behind your firewall.  MProLite uses simply a browser, and operates on either PCs or Mac's.

ManagePro management software Version Options

Let's go over three of more than 30 key features, to clarify how the program can work for you.

1. Visibility, Alignment, Scorecards, Balanced Scorecard... or, I just want to be able to see everything we're working on

Everyone needs a way to see "Where we're going, What we are going to do to get there and How we're doing?" It's basic stuff for which ManagePro provides visibility and accessibility at both the corporate and individual level. Based upon a model that starts with goals and roles, each view then displays a cascading layout of action plans and tasks in support of achieving goals and fulfilling roles. ManagePro does it using 4 different core displays or views:

  1. A cascading/outline view for the overall organization, (in this view with scorecards)
  2. An cascading/outline view for the individual, (in this view without scorecards)
  3. A Gantt chart view of all activity
  4. A Work Breakdown Structure (in this view including Balance Scorecard metrics)
  5. Imagine what you could do - what everyone in your organization could do - if every goal, role, and assignment were clearly laid out and easy to track? Imagine if follow-up on results was just a click away?

2. Follow-through, Drill-Down, Accountability

What good is it to have goals or plans if no one remembers to follow through? In fact, its highly frustrating to assign objectives or tasks to staff and not be able to easily and quickly see what's been done to-date on those items.

With ManagePro you can track follow-through in a progress update journal, specific to each goal, action plan or task. Actually it gets better than that. ManagePro maximizes the ease of entering and tracking status updates and all the details that emerge in the course of a day at work. ManagePro provides the data entry tools using the first line of buttons at the top of the screen, and uses icons to indicate for each record if it has the following key data points attached:

  • progress updates (purple arrow)
  • to-dos (green checkmark)
  • appointments (green checkmark)
  • attached documents and reports (white paper)

3. Integration with MS Outlook

Email weaves its way through our work process.  ManagePro not only synchronizes tasks and appointments with Outlook, it allows you to grab the email flooding into your inbox and literally drag and drop them into ManagePro.  Once dropped into ManagePro, they can be converted to tasks, appointments, updates on projects, assigned to others, stored as documents.  You got lots of choices, but even better you have a complete management system wrapping around emails so that nothing slips through the cracks.

The integration with Outlook is available as a feature with ManagePro, or as an additional Outlook Add-in, a requirement if using the browser based MProLite.  In the Outlook Add-in, the entire work ManagePro work structure is displayed within Outlook for easy and convenient dragging and dropping of email.

ManagePro Outlook Addin


There's a lot more to explore, but we suggest you start by clicking here to demo ManagePro yourself...

We've just scratched the surface of what you can do with ManagePro. We have yet to address features like reducing the time spent in meetings by managing them from within ManagePro, or strategic planning and alignment of all projects and objectives, etc.

If you're ready to take action or learn more, just click on the ManagePro Edition link that matches your needs in the right column. We anticipate at least one of them will be just what you need in evaluating and using ManagePro in your work setting.

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