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ManagePro Newsletter – September 2015

September 18, 2015

1. Let’s Go Deeper
2. Magic Wish
3. Status Update on Outlook Add-in & Mobile Version

1. Let’s Go Deeper

We’d like to dig into how you use ManagePro.    Don’t worry, it’s for your benefit, and hopefully in the next few minutes we can get a couple of light bulbs to go on.

Here’s the thing:  If your use of ManagePro is limited to any of the following, you’re not getting a lot of value out of the program, and you’ll have a tough time getting anyone to join you in the process.

Limited Use

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed is that often people who use the program minimally, have created such a big structure that they don’t know what to do with it.  It’s almost like they lost a sense of where to go or how to use ManagePro to create value, once they get what feels like an overwhelming, awkward list of projects and tasks showing up on the screen. 

Did you catch the distinction?  Stay focused on what creates high value for you, not on having “everything in its place” as the end goal.  Otherwise, once you get everything in the program, that you believe is needed to feel organized or complete, it can feel disarmingly like too much to keep up.  If this sounds like you, you probably recognize that feeling of it not being clear as to what to do next and you can’t see how to use it all going forward. 

If so, the solution is to get much more single focused on what you want to start using ManagePro to accomplish and go deeper.   Let me use the table with its examples to explain what I mean:

Deeper Use

If you’re going to manage projects, just start with the most important and do it right (define the outcome and anticipated obstacles in the Requirements field, build a task outline that reflects your logic for solving, only add the tasks that you are prepared to post progress updates against, review entered progress updates by way of your project review, e.g. use the tool correctly so you get lots of value.  If you’re going to use it to manage people, think about again just focusing on what creates the most value to track.  Think 80/20 through all of this.

The whole point is use ManagePro to create value for you in your business context, and typically that doesn’t start with throwing everything and the kitchen sink into it.  Start small, and focus on what will save you time, money or stress, and don’t expand until you’ve got that down pat.  Make sense?

2. Magic Wish

OK, we have a question for you.  We’re very serious about it.  We are convinced you have the road map to our future, so we need your help.business_man_on_golden_path

Let me explain.  Recently we have been interviewing a few of you, our customers, to see what you would like in the next version of ManagePro.   The reason we are doing that is because we would like to shift away from simply adding more features (I bet you think we already have too many, perhaps an intimidating level of too many).  Instead of adding more features, we would like to move ManagePro to a more targeted solution.

Our problem is that we’re not exactly sure what’s that “1 problem” that would be worth it to solve for you and your direct reports.  Some of you have been mildly interested if we made it easier to tie compensation, like % of bonus, into completion of goals.  But the interest has been, shall we say, lukewarm.

So here’s the question:

If you had a magic wish and ManagePro would give you the platform and tools to solve one key problem, what would that problem be… what would the solution look like?   It has to be a problem that you would be glad to spend the money on getting it solved.  If that question doesn’t do it, imagine if you were to put 10 of your direct reports on ManagePro, what would be the single biggest problem they would use it to solve… that currently isn’t being addressed well enough?  

While you’re thinking about it, would you go down to the comments and leave your suggestion for us there.  I would really appreciate it.


3. Status Update

We always like to keep you posted on what we are working on, so here’s a quick summary:

  • We’ve released a completely rewritten Outlook add-in program for those of you using Cloud.  It has a much improved synchronization and email drag and drop functionality.  It you are using the Outlook add-in, be sure to check with us to get updated, we’re offering the upgrade for free.
  • We’re almost finished (expect to be done before the end of the month) on an upgrade to our speed and durability in syncing for ManagePro Plus users, and speed of connection for ManagePro Smart users.  We’ll be sending out a notice to all of you Plus and Smart users as soon as we are ready for you to update your version.
  • Finally, we’re making good progress on a mobile version of ManagePro.  At this point we have to-dos and calendar events working on the mobile app, and we’ll be moving on to Main Workspace records next.

7 Comments. Leave new

We would love to see more fields and functionality for Progress Updates. We would be looking for fields within the Progress update that we could filter and sort by. Also, we need more free form text fields for customizations.


Hi Suzanne,
Let’s set up a gotomeeting this week to detail specifically what fields and functionality would fit you best to add. Jona will be checking with you regarding time slots.


Call me if you possibly can so I can fully understand the problem you would like to solve.
There are essentially 6 user text fields for progress notes that you could edit and 10 user results fields you can name and 5 number fields you could customize. I do not have your last name so I do not know what client you are. My number is 707 487 3000.


I would like to copy of the free Outlook add-in update.
What is the planned pricing for the mobile version of Managepro?

Thank you.


Hi Fred, We’ll have a better sense of pricing, once we finalize how many features of ManagePro we need to support in a mobile version. Look for screenshots and questions to that effect in an upcoming newsletter. Jona will contact you to get you an upgraded Outlook Addin.


I would find it helpful to have another view to the calendar from which I can move todos/recurring events from one week to another on one screen. The current month view only allows me to see 6 or 7 items; When I mark an item ‘done’ it still shows in the calendar and will not allow me to see the open tasks I wish to move below (and invisible) it and then I must open a new screen. The new one might default to a month view OR a two week view so I can see last week and this week… Thanks!

David C Payne
January 20, 2016 1:42 pm

David Payne – visualPRINCE P/L Australia: perhaps the most important area as far as using MPro as both a Program & Project management tool (i.e. programs usually are aligned with strategic outcomes over a number of years or even set the ‘bar’ that must be achieved on an ongoing basis), is the integration and importance of the calendar and calendar view. I acknowledge that the Gantt view of MPro is perhaps one of the application’s greatest views, and when incorporated with progress reports, task notes, meeting minutes (perhaps as ‘progress reports’) the product stands above others in maintaining everything (actions, tasks, achievement of milestones etc) that I personally need to monitor and record (recording being very important!). To this extent it would be useful to be able to attached any file type including audio (mp3) as recordings of meetings (apologies if this is already built in) as well as other file types since PM methodologies are increasingly becoming more flexible in terms of the structure and file type that can be accepted as a valid PM control product. Flexibility is record/file types is a key area. So too is the role that the Calendar plays, and I concur with M. Weber in terms of introducing richer features relating to the calendar. Examples are drag/drop movements to change date(s) of key actions, milestones, project start/end dates = basically anything that the calendar accommodates could fit the drag/drop feature. I would imagine that there would be one or two calendar-dominant screen layouts where the PM would be able to adjust key milestones, meeting dates, board meetings, with each also resulting in an audit of what has been done as a progress note. I also see a selection of lower functional versions of MPro already targeted at specific client needs, e.g. PMO (PSO) responsibilities and deliverables, hierarchical responsibilities, business case versus project/program current health check results. I guess the above is by and large by my PM approach to using MPro, but hopefully this will be of some assistance in the products direction. David Payne.


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