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1. ManagePro Mobile coming to your Smart Phone 
2. Have it Either Way
3. Magic Wish and Gmail

1. MProMobile on Your Phone

MProMobile puts your key projects, your to-do list and your ManagePro calendar on your smart phone.  We’ve built it in HTML5 so that it works on your phone via your browser.  It loads in a second and is very fast, not to mention exceptionally helpful.  Once we kick off the new year, we’ll be releasing a beta version that you can use for free during the month of January if you’re a ManagePro Plus, ManageProSmart or ManagePro Cloud user.  

Workgroup users can also take advantage of MProMobile once we finish with the beta testing, provided they upgrade their workgroup installation with the necessary ManagePro webservices we’ve built to drive MProMobile.

I’ve plugged in a couple of screenshots to give you and idea of how the app looks.  It’s very intuitive and we’ve been at work a long time to be able to deliver it to you… so we’re excited about releasing it.  It just makes it so much easier to stay on top of everything, with your key records available on your phone.   Be looking out for our beta announcement the first part of January.


2. Have it Either Way

Here’s a tip that I’m sure will come in handy in your use of ManagePro.   This comes out of a major piece of work we’ve been doing to help a large company in Europe get products to market that are accurately positioned for what the market’s wanting.

If you look at the image below, it’s a standard outline view, with the major sub-phases of each product development broken out in sub-goals.  You probably have something similar in your database.  For some people this works really well.  You can click on each record and view the progress updates on that phase, the status for that phase, key documents for that phase and more.


This looks straight forward if you’re managing a project, but on the other hand it means your team needs to post progress updates to the respective record it pertains too.  E.g. if you’re updating the latest results from testing a prototype, you need to add it to the Street Testing record, not the top or parent “Youtube” record.  It seems that for a number of team members this gets confusing, or they just run short on time and start adding everything to the top line.  Maybe they don’t expand the parent record to realize those phases are underneath.  Suddenly it gets messy and doesn’t serve you as well as you hunt for that progress update someone is sure they put in.  Right now they may be even saying the program ate it!  So what do you do?  Is there another way to organize your projects in ManagePro?

Well it turns out there are a number of ways to structure projects, but let me show you one I use.  In fact, let me list how I set it up:

  1. I commit just one line to each project.  Simple and clean. 
  2. On that line I add columns to represent the phases I would have otherwise entered as sub-records.
  3. I use “userlist” fields for those columns and rename them as I need them using the Program Button/Preferences/Customize Options.
  4. I then set the choices I want to team to select from for each field using the Program Button/Preferences/Terminology option for each of those userlist fields I just renamed.
  5. For each of the choices for a field I select the color globe I want to use to make it easier to visually scan and I set the flag for each field’s Terminology options to display the color globe.
  6. Finally I rename Usernumber fields to the names I want to use and format them to display percentage, so I cant track % complete for each phase.
  7. I then add all of these to a custom view (or edit the opening mainworkspace view), such that I line up the field to represent the stages the product will be going through.

Check out the screenshot below to see what I’m talking about.  Notice the column captions are the same (roughly) as the sub-records I was using in the screenshot above.  The one record per project and the use of color globes and % complete fields for each phase makes it super easy to view what phases a project has completed, is in process and/or is yet to start.


If you want to get advanced, you can have user’s specify the category for each progress update to point to the phase the project is in, e.g. add a progress update and set the category to “Concept Validation”  (you’ll need to add these options to your progress category choices).

Either way works.  That’s one of the great things about ManagePro, it can readily be structured to best fit you and your team’s preference for how to get visibility on all the stuff we need to accomplish to deliver great results.  It’s one of the few things in life you can truly say, “Have it Either Way”, and there’s no particular downside to either choice.

3. Magic Wish

OK, we have a question for you.  We’re very serious about it.  We think you have the road map to our future, so we need your help.

Let me explain.  Recently we have been interviewing a few of you, our customers, to see what you would like in the next version of ManagePro.  business_man_on_golden_path The reason we are doing that is because we would like to shift away from simply adding more features (I bet you think we already have too much, perhaps an intimidating level of too much).  Instead of adding more features, we would like to move ManagePro to a more targeted solution for specific needs you have in your industry.

Our problem is that we’re not exactly sure what that #1 problem is that would be worth it to solve for you and your direct reports.  Some of you have been mildly interested if we made it easier to tie compensation, like % of bonus, into completion of goals.  But the interest has been, shall we say, lukewarm.

So here’s the question:

“If magically ManagePro could give you the platform and tools to do the one thing that would specifically solve your biggest problem at work, what would it need to do?” 

While you’re thinking about it, would you go down to the comments and leave your suggestion for us there. We would really appreciate it.

Quick Aside:  Do you know that ManagePro works with web based email programs like Gmail and Yahoo?

We write so much about our interface with Outlook, but that doesn’t mean ManagePro doesn’t afford you the full email out, notification, send reports out via email, etc. set of options for programs like Gmail, Yahoo and other web-based email programs.  Here’s how to let ManagePro know your using something other than Outlook.

  1. First click  on the Program Button in the upper left, then Preferences, then Email
  2. Choose “SMTP Mail Server” instead of Outlook as your default email system.
  3. Enter your email address, the SMTP server address for your outgoing mail server, your user name and password and then test to confirm it’s all working and you’re ready to take advantage of all the email out options in ManagePro.

That brings us to the end of this newsletter and soon the wrap-up of 2015.

Thanks so much for letting us serve you.  We wish you just the best as you celebrate the holidays and look to the new year.

We’ll be enjoying family and the opportunity to take a break while celebrating Christmas and the entrance into this world of Christ the Redeemer.