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Management Strategy & Software – Doing More with Less

May 18, 2009

If you look under the cover of the current financial distress and
pressure of having to do more with less resources, you may find
some very valuable opportunities.

Let’s cover several of them in the next few blogs so that you don’t
miss out.  Who knows, instead of loss, the current economic
downturn may represent impressive opportunities for you.

Quick summary- let’s see if this fits you.

The state of affairs is that there are less of your usual customers,
and they are buying less.  In addition there’s less staff and internal
resources, accompanied by the pressure to do more with
those “less” resources.

1.  Ok, first opportunity.  Since you are having to do more with less,
you absolutely have to focus on getting things done that are most important.
An increasing amount of your time and energy has to be driven by what?

Not the familiar, not what you always do, not organizing your inbox,
your email, your desk-top, not cleaning up your spam folder, not reading
every email, not cleaning your keyboard…

Your back is against the wall and you are finally forced to be more
effective, more efficient – and that’s the opportunity… What?

For most of us, you have to be driven by doing what’s most important.
That should be directly hard-wired in your brain and your awareness
to  “what moves the business ahead.”  Many people work without that
clarity, it’s really no longer acceptable.

You may have promised yourself last year you were going to get
more focused.  Maybe you promised yourself you were really
going to get your staff actively setting and working
from priorities… but you just didn’t really get around to it.

Now is the time to get on it.  As one of my friends says, “You can’t afford
for your staff to spend time going down ‘rat holes’ that don’t help move
the business forward.

What % of your day, or your team’s day get’s spent on marginally
productive activities?  Can you afford that today? No you can’t.

Start reducing time spent off target, and gain back productivity today.
You can’t afford for your team to not be quick and effective. In many
companies we work with there, is increasingly only the quick and the dead.

So the opportunity to get focused, to get laser focused on what drives
the business forward, and get your team clear on that as well has
never been better.  Ride the pressure wave to better results.

2.  Here’s the 2nd opportunity.  When you focus on what’s most important,
you are going to realize that some % of that effort needs better systems.
You simply can’t get to all of what’s most important without excellent systems
and the daily discipline to use them.

So the opportunity is to stop mucking along manually, and start
converting your key processes into better systems.

If on one hand you don’t have enough time to get everything done,
and yet you are still managing the big three from private email and
scattered spreadsheets, you need to get busy on better systems.

What do I mean by the big three?

Every person managing a business process that I work with needs
good systems to manage three areas:
1. Projects (those basic building blocks for delivering a product/service
and generating value)
2. Tasks (all the todos & reminders that get exchanged on a given day) and
3. The correspondence and follow-up with key people (customers, vendors, etc.)

I work from one system to manage all three, and so does the rest
of the team.  Everything that is critical to delivering value to customers
is in our one system (ManagePro) so that whether we are managing
people, projects or tasks, it’s available in two clicks.

My rule of thumb is that if everyone on the team doesn’t have
a software system to enable them to get right at and update
critical data, data that’s necessary to support a
highly coordinated, collaborative work team… in a single
, you’re losing money with the present system.

Bottom Line:
The current financial distress also delivers a number of very
valuable opportunities.  Use the pressure to do more with less to:
1. Get your team tightly focused on only spending time on
what creates value, and 2. Get your systems in place so your
team has the needed information within two clicks.

The mandate for all of us is “Do it Better or Get Out.”
Your thoughts?

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