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The Management Solution for Managing Projects and People

Management Software

ManagePro is the project management “Plus” solution for managers, directors, executives and their direct reports.

Why do we say that?

It’s because as someone in management, you need three things we provide… and we do it better than anyone else:

  1. Visibility across a portfolio of projects and objectives that can span across business groups, product groupings, customers and new business development efforts. We give you the big picture and the ability to drill down when ever you need more information fro the latest results.  We also give you an unparalleled process for clarifying priorities with your direct reports and tracking results for getting what’s priority completed each week, across each one of your direct reports. (See below)
  2. Drill-down. Designed specifically for busy executives and their teams to help them get the better results in less time using real time access to the latest updates, using our engine of documented updates and results, your planning efforts are turned into real time dashboards for managing any area of the business you wish to track, not to mention improved follow-through on tasks and details.
  3. Integration that extends from Outlook to your Strategic Plan. Most of our customers use Outlook and if that includes you, we not only offer you the ability to see synchronize your calendar with Outlook, but also to drag and drop your email directly into ManagePro for tracking and follow-up (more info links to Outlook integration page).  We also offer you the ability to lay out your strategic plan in ManagePro, track your success at executing that plan, and align your project work across business groups specifically with your plan.  We make alignment a visible reality.

Get the Full Benefit of Priorities to Support Your Management Effort

It’s a fact that we have proved with research in the field, “People just get more done and the “right” stuff done when they know and work on what’s agreed to as priority each week“, and we give you powerful tools to make it very visible.

We make it easy for you and your team to align and identify what’s priority each day, each week, each month.  Making it easy to work well aligned on priorities and what creates value, means the critical stuff get’s done first.  We all give you the ability to convert the ability to complete what’s priority each week or month into individual scorecards, for even bigger results.

ManagePro makes it easy to view and monitor every project status, and quickly identify the potential for missed milestones or deliverables.  You’ll be more informed and proactive managing tasks to completion on time and within budget. That translates down into ease of inputting tasks, setting priorities, detecting stumbling blocks, seeing and responding to bottlenecks, recognizing critical paths, and identifying how delays in one area will affect the full project.

Bottom line, we make it easy to manage everything you’re responsible for by giving you a platform that supports the foundation for helping you and your direct reports do their best. That’s built on four key requirements:

  1. A plan of action, complete with regular updates that summarize progress, issues encountered and next steps
  2. A head’s up on how much time is left and how that impacts priorities
  3. Outcomes that are defined and measured, so everyone knows the “score”
  4. a platform for identifying and providing recognition.
  5. Watch the short video and we’ll demonstrate.