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Management Software Redefined – ManagePro

May 05, 2011

What is management software and why should you even care?  The term sounds
kind of boring doesn’t it?  Google has a definition for it.  You may have a different
definition, or not even use the phrase at all.  But… what if there was a benefit for
you to redefine the concept as embodied in the software ManagePro.
Keep reading, I’ll try to make it brief and interesting.

First a quick snapshot of how Google looks at it.  Basically Google reflects it’s
definition of management software by what it prioritizes in organic listings.
And I think they have it all wrong.  Google’s definition by listings identifies
management software as a financial package with a  mini-ERP program.
This orientation focuses on management software as  tracking anything
financially based.  Very basically it is going to cover the  life cycle of creating,
selling, and receiving compensation for products and/or services.

Wikipedia doesn’t even have a category for management software, it directs you
right to project management software.  You’re in luck if you’re a project manager,
a performance manager or a task manager.  However if you’re just in management,
you have the same tools as your admin.

coordinating people, tasks and machinery

Management Software Redefined

How did we get to this point?  Imagine, you’re a manager, an executive… and
there doesn’t seem to be any widely known tools for what you do.

Do you find it strange that we don’t have a technology for the challenges presented
if you’re in the role of management?  Or is it that we feel that learning to use
anything more than our memory, verbal and writing skills is too much effort?

Here’s a thought.

What if most of what you and I do 90% of every day is managing something
that doesn’t have a direct price tag attached to it?  What if Google misses the
point.  What if the things you spend the most time on are things like that next
meeting,  the next email, the phone call, the opportunity embedded in the
customer comment, etc.  None of it has a direct price link or a financial price tag,
and yet that’s what we spend 90% of our time managing.

Don’t you think there should be management software that addresses what we
spend 90% o of our time managing?  Actually ManagePro does, but I’m trying to
make a point.

If you think about it, yes you need some type of “management software” to
track all those financial related materials and transactions.  But what about the
other 90% of what you do?

You see I think most of what we do at work in the 21st century is all about
managing activities… and mostly we manage activities through people.
So we spend  a lot of time talking, writing, following-up, checking in, checking
back.  We spend our time managing activies from their inception as ideas, through
planning, coordiating and following-up.  And the majority of time we’re interacting
with and making that all happen through people, through others.

We certainly manage activities in support of getting to a financial based product
or transaction, but for the most part we managing people and activities, not the
products themselves.

I think management software needs to get redefined.

Management software needs to get redefined as centrally helping people in
management manage all the activities they oversee and the people who get them
done. Any other definition misses the mark.
On the other hand, maybe you’ve
got a better term to describe this, than management software.  Whatever you
call it, and whether or not most managers admit or deny it, we can all manage
and lead more effectively with redefined management software tools.

Bottom Line:

90% of the time, people in management manage activities and the people who
get them done, not a product that has a price tag on it.  Yet, other than ManagePro,
I’ve never found a management software
that actually tackles the things I have
to tackle in a given day whether I’m managing goals, projects, priorities, business
constraints or that daily calendar… all within a day.  Perhaps most people in
management don’t realize how expensive it is to work by voice, email, short
term memory and your scratch pad.


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I wholeheartedly agree with you that we spend time managing activities related to people, rather than product. A management software that helps me do that more effectively is certainly ranked high on my list!

Thanks for opening my eyes!


From the way that this article reads it sounds to me like you are describing a daily planner or time management software. How does your software differ from an electronic version of a daily planner? Is your software available on a mobile platform and/or is it accessible from my iPad?


Hi Mark,
The biggest difference is that our software targets the value of coordinating and being organized across a work team or organization, as opposed to being better organized personally, which is what you would get with an electronic day planner. And yes it available in a web format and does work on an iPad (http://www.managepro.com/products.managepro.mprolite.html )

I’ll have someone from our office follow-up in case you have any other questions, thanks for responding to the blog.

Rodney Brim


Management software is a “must” for everyone: from college students to large businesses….Time Management Software helps to optimize an organization’s workforce. It provides the tools needed to control labor costs, manage compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity all while eliminating payroll calculation errors, reducing manual payroll preparation.


Sign me up this sounds like a great asset to have in the business industry. Anything that can help manage time better and help organize projects would be a welcome addition. I will let my IT department know about this site so they can research it a little more in depth. Thanks again for the idea.


Ardell, check out the following page for more info and a link to get the software, http://www.managepro.com/managementsoftware.html


You are right every good manager needs some kind of management software that can help them manage their people as well as their time. Being a manager can sometimes be a very tiresome job and if you have software in place to help you with the tedious things then it makes your life all the more easy. Great ideas and lots of good information, thanks.


Do you think a software like this would work for a Church committee? We have a rather large Church with a lot of different programs going on all the time and a large team doing the majority of the work. Do you think something like this software would make it easier for them to all get on the same page and work together a little easier?


Misty, several churches, from 50 people to 15,000 people use our software to provide, focus, clear hand-offs, and planning and follow through as they serve the body. But its only a tool, actually getting people to come together and work off the same page, is an adventure that is only partly based on the tool you use, as I’m sure you are aware. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to talk you through how other churches are using it.


A software that will help me organize my team is a software worth having. I have some people on the team that are really good at being organized and some that aren’t so much. Implementing a software like this that will teach them time management and guidelines to follow for being organized will make it where they are all on the same playing field and the office will be more uniform and more professional looking. Thanks for the great idea, I am going to do some more research on this kind of software before I make a decision that will impact everyone on the team and make sure it is a good fit for all.


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