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Using ManagePro on the Mac

"Can I run ManagePro on my Mac?" is a common question we hear.  So here’s a quick page to address that topic.  I personally run Windows on my MacPro everyday.  I use a program called Parallels.  But more about that in a second.  Before we continue, please note this page is about running ManagePro (Standard, Smart or Plus) on your Mac.  It is not about operating MProLite, which runs in a Safari browser, as well as IE, Chrome and Firefox.  E.g you can run MProLite on any Mac by just using a current Safari browser.

Ok, so we’re talking about ManagePro, not MProLite. 

  1. First of all, you can run ManagePro on a Mac, but you must install a Windows operating system on your Mac to do so.  ManagePro does not run natively in the Mac OSX operating system.  But that turns out not to be a problem… keep reading.
  2. You have two choices for setting up a Windows system on your Mac, as you see from the screen shot from the Mac compatibility web page below, either Bootcamp or the programs Parallels or VMware.  So what’s the difference?

    Mac Windows Compatability

  3. The key question is whether or not you are willing to run only one operating system at a time.  If your answer is "Yes," then use Boot Camp.  It’s a free utility provided by Apple. But be aware, when you use Boot Camp to run ManagePro on your Mac, you won’t have access to any of the Mac programs while you are operating in "Windows" mode.  That’s because you are either booting up the Mac in OSX or Windows, not both, so only one set of programs (OSX or Windows-based) are available at anyone time.
  4. If you’re like me, you won’t want to be limited to one or the other… you want both the best the Mac has to offer, while simultaneously getting the best from your favorite Windows-based programs, like ManagePro.    As I said before, I use the program called Parallels.  You have to install Parallels on your Mac, then install Windows in Parallel and then install ManagePro into the Parallel Window environment.  3 steps.  The folks at Parallels have a pretty helpful support team to help you through the process if you get stuck.  Here’s a screen shot below of what my MacPro looks like.  Notice I have the full Mac environment to work with, plus I have a full Windows environment within a window, and in this case I am running ManagePro.  If you want to run a Mac, its the best way to go.  Plus I find the using MS office in Windows gives me a little better compatibility with other Office users when I send out documents, then using the Mac version of Office.


ManagePro on Mac OSX