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1. ManagePro 12.1 available 7/3 
2. Two Tips for Using ManagePro
3. Launching Our Update Service

1. ManagePro 12.1Applause

First of all, a big “thank you” to all of you that have given us feedback on the version 12 of ManagePro. 
Big applause for your help and feedback.

Since the release we’ve been focused on responding to feedback and we’ve:

  • Corrected and fine-tuned more than a dozen different features and areas of the code since releasing version 12. 
  • We’ve also significantly updated the synchronization and audit trail process such that your synchronizations will go through faster, and for the first time ever, you’ll have the ability to define how much of an audit trail you want to keep in the database.  E.g. unless you are required for compliance or fiduciary or health care mandates, you typically only need to keep the last 30 days of audits to correct records if someone writes over you in a sync or work group process, otherwise the audit trail can be as large as the database itself and contribute to slowing the program down.
  • We’ve added a new right click option of “Run Scorecard Rule Now” to make it even easier to update your dashboard for any records you specifically select.

We’ve packaged up all the changes and are releasing as version 12.1 and this is an upgrade you’ll definitely want to get. 

Be looking for an email on Friday July 3rd with a link to update your copy of ManagePro 12 to version 12.1.  Depending on the speed of your internet connection it takes approximately 5 minutes to update your copy of ManagePro.  Just remember to close Outlook and ManagePro, before running the update to 12.1 we send you.

As always, please feel welcome to call in (707 487-3000) if you have any problems upgrading and we’ll be glad to help.

Just in case you are still on an older version of ManagePro, here’s a link to look at the new features and look and feel of ManagePro 12:  Here’s the Link to review and printout the 15 New Features in ManagePro 12:


2. Two Tips for Using ManagePro You May Not Know

  1. Do you know how to use the new breadcrumb organization?LeftandRightBreadcrumbs

    Although it functions just like the breadcrumb in a web site or in Windows explorer, for many of us this is different than the tabs we’re used to at the top of ManagePro.  So let’s go over briefly how the breadcrumb works.

  • First of all, the arrowhead when pointing to the right designates what person the view is being filtered for, e.g. who’s work tasks or calendar you’re looking at.
  • The second and third, if available, arrow heads point to available primary and secondary views.
  • Clicking with your left mouse on any of the arrowheads causes a drop down menu of options from which to choose.  Remember that the right side breadcrumb is dependent upon which View Option you have highlighted/activated.   Here’s a graphic to provide a visual on how it works.



 2. Do you know that ManagePro works with web based email programs like Gmail and Yahoo?

We write so much about our interface with Outlook, but that doesn’t mean ManagePro doesn’t afford you the full email out, notification, send reports out via email, etc. set of options for programs like Gmail, Yahoo and other web-based email programs.  Here’s how to let ManagePro know your using something other than Outlook.

  1. First click  on the Program button in the upper left, then Preferences, then Email
  2. Choose “SMTP Mail Server” instead of Outlook as your default email system.
  3. Enter your email address, the SMTP server address for your outgoing mail server, your user name and password and then test to confirm it’s all working and you’re ready to take advantage of all the email out options in ManagePro.




3. We’re Launching Our Update Service

Every CEO, every VP, every business owner that we meet, wishes they had an easier way to get solid Alignment, Visibility, Engagement & Updates to be assured the important stuff is getting done.  Often that’s one of the driving factors behind purchasing ManagePro.  Sadly, buying software doesn’t necessarily make getting updates any easier.

Or maybe you’re like the majority of our users, you are working with a single license or just a few licenses, and wish that your direct reports or other people on your team would use the program so you could get the benefit of having all the key initiatives and updates and to-dos in one place… but they never seem to have time and you miss out. 

If this sounds like your experience or concern, we’ve got a solution that I think you’re going to like.

We’re launching an Update service starting July 1st.  A service that collects the updates on key projects from other people for you, and plugs them into your copy of ManagePro.  We even set up the dashboard for you and ensure it gets updated as well.  We’re offering it at a significantly reduced price for the first 10 people that sign up so don’t miss out. 

Click here to learn all the details and let us help make work life a little easier while giving you the benefit of greater visibility on what’s important.


Have fun with version 12.1 and give me a call to schedule a time slot to talk about our new UP-date service and making life easier for you.


Patti Brim
Performance Solutions Technology
Ph. (707) 487-3000
Email. pbrim@ManagePro.com