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IT Management System – Recommending & Reflecting Business Intelligence

January 20, 2009

Gartner just published their CIO January 2009 outlook survey report,
and I’m wondering if it resonates with you and possibly even causes a certain twinge.

The subtitle essentially reflects that budgets will remain flat, but the focus of spending will be different.  The difference being the emphasis upon improving business process and operational efficiencies through the use of business intelligence.

Here’s one more quote from the report and then I’ll tell you what I’m thinking:
“They expect IT to play a role in reducing enterprise costs, not merely with cost cutting, but by changing business processes, workforce practices and information use.”

In the past IT often was relied upon to pick, and not miss, whatever tools management deemed necessary to help move the organization forward.  It would be easy to forsee that in 2009 that will extend to picking the right Business Intelligence (BI) product.

Here’s the TWINGE – what if IT had to actually model the use of operational efficiencies and business intelligence… before IT could recommend it to any other department?  Notice that I’m referring to operational efficiences (and success), not use of cutting edge tools.

What if IT had to reflect strong BI internally, before it could recommend it externally?  In IT we are good at picking tools, but not so good at being the leaders in continuing to track, measure and improve workforce practices and information use. 

In fact, would you feel comfortable asking someone to recommend a tool for your use to improve a process they weren’t in the top 10% at managing themselves?…

Probably not.

I don’t know if you’ll find the requested new operational efficiencies by the meta analysis possible with many BI programs.

But I do know that if you don’t have:
–  transparency around the basics (what’s the outcome, what’s the plan to get there, where are we to date, and what’s next)
–  and simple metrics around the process (% of time we meet due dates, top priorities are worked, projects are completed within time estimated, within budget),

… then higher order BI results end up sitting on a slippery slope, e.g. the reports look much more convincing then the strength of the data supporting it.

So to all of my friends in IT, knowing that you’re going to get the call to help use BI this year to gain operational efficiences and get to outcomes at less cost… what if you helped pre-empt that process by planning on modeling that process for the rest of the organization.  Your thoughts?


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