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Is Working Strategically Really that Important?

November 12, 2009

You might think that question is a setup.  Of course strategy is important…
well maybe.

Think of that as a national question for a moment.  Since I live in the US,
the question might sound like,

“Is strategic planning, strategic management and associated concepts
reflected in our thinking as demonstrated by web search activity…
say more than other countries”?

It turns out not. 

Would it surprise you to know the US doesn’t even make it to the
top 10 list of countries busy researching strategic planning on the
web?  It’s true, at least according to Google, check out the research below.


So if the US isn’t focused on strategy, what are we focused on?
Maybe the US is busy struggling on both a corporate and personal level
with the next task, managing more debt, trying to cope with ever
increasing amounts of information and looking for that upturn coming
around the bend.

Why be focused on the outcome, when you’re swamped with what’s
in front of you today? I have a thought about that – hold that thought.

I’ve been working with organizations and strategy in the Middle East
and Africa this week, as well as the US. There’s some commonalities.

In fact I notice, regardless of where you reside, that it’s easy
to slip into the (bad) habit of tending to think of being strategic
as something to do if you can take time away to do it.

It’s voiced as critical, yet scheduled as something of a luxury.

It’s also easy to lose the freedom that comes with being strategic,
with being outcome focused, and get it locked into what turns
out to be a rear-view report format. 

I can almost here the group think going on, something like,
“Ok, so working strategically is important… but I don’t have
time today.”  Think of it this way.

Bottom Line:
If you have to take time away from your daily schedule to be strategic,
working strategically probably won’t fit into your daily schedule.

If you’re like me, you’ll never get caught up enough to be more
strategic on a regular basis. The secret is in what you focus on
as demonstrated by what’s in your schedule today and tomorrow.
What’s on your schedule tomorrow?

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