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If you don’t find the time… they won’t take the time

August 02, 2007

One way to think about leadership, is defining it by how you spend your time.    Just look at your calendar.  What are you emphasizing, what do you prioritize, what are you making time for?  Your values, your habits, your time usage reflects your leadership style personally and often defines how it is interpreted by others.  Perhaps just as much, what you don’t find time for can also define your leadership orientation, what you don’t get around to, what you’re always putting off, what you’re late for… you know the list.

If you can get your arms around that concept, then think about this for a moment.  Beyond how you spend time as a leader, another way of viewing leadership is defined as the act of effecting how other people spend their time.

Here’s an observation, most leaders have different roles than the people they manage, consequently their calendar is full of different types of tasks and committments.  However, most leaders also have at least one or more priorities or values that they wish their direct reports would more actively or consistently embrace.

If this rings true for you, let me go one more step.  When leaders experience a disconnect between what they’re wanting, and what their direct reports are doing… it invariably surfaces that the leader’s aren’t modeling the behaviors they want their direct reports to pick up.  

When it comes to getting people to change, as a leader, you’ve got to model it, walk-the-talk, demonstrate it publically, lead the way with our calendar.  Otherwise you end up feeling frustrated with change initiatives you launch, and my headline becomes your bottom line:

If you don’t find the time… they won’t take the time do put into effect your values, your initiatives, your directives.

Think about it.

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