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If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, what’s a diagram worth?

July 19, 2016

So, if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and most of us feel overwhelmed processing words everyday with everything that crosses our inbox, what is a diagram worth?

The short answer is that it’s worth time and money and not having to retrace your steps. But let me explain why by first telling you a funny story that happened to me yesterday.  It’s a good laugh on me. 

We’re on this ship and we keep trying to find where to go for different events on different decks. We know there’s a diagram of the ship down the hallway, so we’ve made about 4 or 5 trips down there yesterday.  And, then I started laughing at myself for being slow, because I could have taken a picture with my camera and had the diagram for reference without checking down the hallway each time.

Beyond laughing at myself, the bigger illustration is that diagrams save us time, keep us on schedule and save us having to interrupt and ask someone else, etc.  It also saves time to have immediate access to a diagram, not stuck somewhere down the hall… or in some report somewhere.  But diagrams don’t just save time on ships, they work great for explaining any process or project at work as well.  In fact, diagramming or mapping out a thought process or option series is one of my favorite ways to keep complex things simple, make sure everyone else is on the same page and prompt myself to be creative as I look at options.

Diagrams can be simple and very communicative at the same time, and one of the great things is that you get the benefit in just a glance, as opposed to how long it’s required to digest a work document or power point.

So why doesn’t everyone use diagrams to map out key steps in every project they launch? For me, it’s always been difficult to keep track of them and keep them updated when things change.

In ManagePro 13.1 we’ve solved all that!  Now you can diagram out any process or project, attach it easily to any record, just like a document (but it has its own tab area), and you can continue to update and/or collaborate with others while developing and updating the diagram to keep it fresh and relevant.

Be sure to upgrade next week and try the diagraming tool in ManagePro (found in the details view of any record), as well as the Diagram right side tab. It sure makes it a lot easier for everyone to get the “big picture.”


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I love this new feature. It works great!


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