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Goals are Critical & Vastly Over-rated!

October 10, 2007

When I think or ready about performance improvement, it always seems to start with setting goals, or a planning process that is heavily weighted on outlining the top goals, objectives or initiatives. When I’m sitting in on such an experience, pretty soon in the back of my head I’m hearing Tattoo in Fantasy Island yelling not “The Plane, The Plane,” but “The Plan, The Plan.” About then I’m starting to get antsy and a bit bored with the process. Why?

You see I think goal setting is another version of Fantasy Island for most of us (including leaders), unless we have a good plan, have enough discipline to work the plan, and are willing to pay the inevitable price that will be required to reach the improvement objective.

When you look at people’s goals, do you see a clear, strong plan to reach them? Do you see a plan that addresses the top obstacles?

What if goals without a plan were called fantasies? Imagine seeing a report of the Strategic plan with the heading of “Corporate Strategic Fantasies” – it might make more sense.

What are you working this month, goals or fantasies, reality or Fantasy Island? Goals are critical, but they sure seem over-rated in terms of performance improvement unless they are supported by a people and a plan.

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Many a true word. I tend to be very goal driven and certainly can relate to the Reality vs. Fantasy. But two aspects, that you mentioned and which I am constantly having to drive – are discipline and having an understanding of the sacrifices that I am willing to give up to achieve my goals. It is the latter that is the biggest hurdle because in some instances to achieve a particular goal, requires a new habit and overcoming an existing habit – and we all know how difficult that can be.


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Philippine Lotto Community
December 13, 2010 1:52 pm

goal setting is sometimes difficult but it should always be done -,`


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