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ManagePro Features

      1. Visibility & Organization; a Foundation for Managing it All with a Robust Set of Tools for Everyone Who Manages People and Projects

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        Starting with an outline framework, ManagePro provides multiple tools to organize all the activities to be managed within the business environment; from Strategic goals all the way down to daily tasks by department and person. Manage it All with improved visibility
        and accountability to project plans, status updates, action items and attached documents. Each is available within a couple of clicks.

      2. Consolidate All of Your Plans into a Weekly Breakdown View

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        We’ve created a new view that you’ll find at the bottom of your list of possible views that breaks down all your various projects into a display of what’s due each week.  This solves the challenge that comes about when you have multiple detailed projects running in ManagePro with lots of different tasks assigned to different people and need to have an easy way to stay on top of what’s due each week” with one single click to switch to the Weekly Breakdown view.  

      3. Easily Monitor Your Entire’s Team Ability to Successfully Achieve Priority 1 Tasks

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        The new 80/20 Dashboard found in the new Dashboard tab on the far right side of your display.  The 80/20 Dashboard calculates the total number of active Priority 1 tasks and initiatives assigned to individuals as well as calculates the percentage of priority one items assigned to that person as lead that have been completed on or before the  original due date.  This average is a rolling 90 day average, e.g. by default it includes only the last 90 days of activity, but you can extend or shorten the calculation time period.

      4. Draw it/Map it – If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a diagram is worth much more

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        ManagePro 13 introduces the all new “diagram function on the far right side tabs.  Now you can diagram out any process and have that easily attach to specific records, plus allow other users to collaborate and update the design.


      1. MProMobile puts your Top Priority Projects, To-dos and Calendar on Your Smart Phone or Tablet


        Built in HTML5, it runs on any phone or tablet with access to the internet.  Use it personally or have your team members use it to provide up-to-date status reports so that you’re constantly aligned on what’s priority and what needs to happen on any given day.


    1. Easy Access to your Direct Reports’ Projects
      with Immediate Drill Down and Sorting

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      Clicking the column heading provides sorting by that field type across the entire range of work, but more importantly, you can access the projects assigned to each person or business group by using the drop down menu in the ribbon control. You have instant access to the projects they are working on, their task/todo list, latest progress updates as well as how they have prioritized and organized today.

    2. Reduce Your Follow-up Phone Calls
      with Instant Access to Progress Updates

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      What if you didn’t have to pick up the phone, call out from your office or walk down the hallway to get a status update? What if getting status updates didn’t require attending another meeting and sitting through a PowerPoint presentation and discussion? ManagePro provides immediate visibility on the status of each project, including tracking when updates were last entered, to help you easily stay on top and in the loop of priorities.

    3. Outlook Optimized: Reduce the Time Required to Manage
      your Email and Schedule

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      ManagePro goes beyond synchronizing with Outlook’s todo list and calendar, to provide a time-saving “drag and drop” function. Now you can breeze through your inbox and automatically drag email (with documents attached) directly onto your projects as documented correspondence when appropriate, or onto your calendar or todo list. Alternatively you can use our Outlook Add-in, and attach emails to ManagePro records all while within Outlook.

    4. Manage Your Customers and Vendors
      for Improved Service and Throughput

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      Use ManagePro to give your Vendors and your top customers a personalized, highly coordinated service, maintaining a high touch level of service and ensuing satisfaction level. ManagePro supports you by combining details, contact information, key documents, outstanding action items and upcoming meetings all from each client record. Something that you could never do if you’re still trying to manage those relationships through email, todo lists and spreadsheets.

    5. Align your Projects and Priorities with
      your Strategic Plan

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      ManagePro helps you link projects to the strategic plan goals and initiatives in two clicks, providing clear visibility about alignment, impact and relative value-add. It displays the results in either the Main Workspace outline format by individual goal in your strategic plan, or an overall view in the Map or Scorecard views.

    6. Manage your Outcomes, Results and the supporting Reports in just minutes each day

      Nothing works like measuring your results to improve performance and profitability. ManagePro provides a scorecard for every competitive activity in both traffic signal and timeline view, as well as a quick report generator for easy reporting needs.

    7. Configurable Project Views Portfolio Project Management View

      Portfolio Project Management View

      Create custom views that match up to your needs. View projects organized by tasks (and subtasks), who’s responsible and when it’s due, or any of our 30 additional criteria, Make it easy to focus on just the information you need, all in one screen. Different departments will be relieved to know they can view the data and specific columns in a way that makes the most sense to them. Regardless of the view, changes by users are immediately available across all custom views.

    8. Gantt Chart

      Gantt Chart

      The Gantt chart graphically displays the duration and dependency relationships of goals and projects by user, business group or for the entire organization. The Gantt chart view also displays the % Complete, the users assigned and the % of their time allocated to that task alongside the duration of each record. You’ll also find a convenient flag to indicate what tasks have slipped beyond their original due date. Along side the duration bars, Progress Updates are displayed as a pink triangle icon on each date at which a Progress Update was posted, to give immediate visibility on frequency of updates.

    9. Resource Allocation Resource Allocation

      Resource Allocation
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      Resource Allocation at the portfolio level provides an immediate over-view of how adequately projects are resourced, with a list of projects, who’s assigned, what hours are required to complete and what % the project is currently resourced. ManagePro also provides a view customized for assigning resources to an individual task. Designed to directly check an individual’s allocation across projects, who’s available and what projects they are assigned to now and in the future. Verify any individual’s load using the duration bar graphic, and/or click on their graphic at any segment to get a listing of projects they are assigned to, as well as their level of allocation at that time.

    10. Document Management

      Document Management
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      Tasks are easily tracked in a simple list or calendar display, or can be attached to an Outline represented departments, projects or simply a topical structure that best represents your work process. ManagePro and MProLite provide both structures to best suit your needs at the moment. Sometimes it works best to see tasks by project, sometimes its more convenient to see them in a list sorted by date, priority or the person assigned.

    11. Time Tracking Time Card Time Tracking& Time Cards

      Time Card Time Tracking
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      Track time by project and by individual to help you stay on time and on budget. Use your time card entries to track time used as compared with original estimates or budget, as well as a basis for earned value. Each record has a convenient time card tab, displaying the hours allocated for that task at the upper right, and the hours to date, hours accumulated this month and this week respectively to the right.

    12. Manage Tasks using a Simple List system, and/or a topical based Outline

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      Tasks are easily tracked in a simple list or calendar display, or can be attached to an Outline represented departments, projects or simply a topical structure that best represents your work process. ManagePro and MProLite provide both structures to best suit your needs at the moment. Sometimes it works best to see tasks by project, sometimes its more convenient to see them in a list sorted by date, priority or the person assigned.

    13. Status Reports are Available in Seconds

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      Waiting for status reports with latest updates and outstanding action items is a thing of the past. Highlight any set of projects or tasks you want to include in the report, and in 3 clicks you have an instant report available in pdf, xls, rtf or htm.

    14. Linked or Sequenced To-do Lists

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      Have a sequence of tasks, that as one is completed, the users’ assigned to the next task need to be notified? ManagePro provides all of that functionality in it’s To-do Sequence. Just click the Sequence active link and assign any to-do to any sequence.

    15. Automatic Notification of upcoming “due dates” or if progress updates are past due

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      Notification options covering a range of options are provided at both the individual user level (upper options), and as a database wide configuration (lower options).

    16. Analytics applied to data within ManagePro

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      The analytics capability of ManagePro allows you to set up pivot tables based on any title, numeric and picklist field, and then choose from a range of charts to display your results or export to Excel.