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November 17, 2009

We are always interested in how our customers use
and find value in ManagePro. Here’s a couple of comments
that have come in recently:

From: David C. Payne, Bemex Corporation Pty Ltd

“I have been using ManagePro for about 7 years and have
seen the product mature into a premium solution for managing
strategic issues, large and small projects, incorporating all
the usual tools that experienced project & program managers
expect – and more. All in one closely integrated product
the strength of ManagePro is its flexibility to permit the user
to structure the user interface to suit the way he/she works.

I have found ManagePro to be indispensable as the means
of managing complex projects from early conception through
to closure & handover.”

Here’s another perspective from Ian Paterson, SMC-SA:

I think that the top four value adds for me were;
     1. Ease of use (a little bit of knowledge can be a
dangerous thing, but so far I’ve found MP digestible
and relatively easy to use once you understand the
basic layout etc

2. Functional positioning – strategy execution and
scorecards – taps into a very real need (without
having to programme / set up from scratch in
something like MS Project).

3. Pricing – as I understand from comparative
pricing it is more cost effective than MS Project
on a significant implementation.

4. Service – incredibly responsive, friendly backup
from you guys – you were genuinely interested
in my challenges and followed up with great delivery.

I was initially looking for a simple project management
package that could serve as an integrator for corporate
strategy implementation and monitoring without
scaring the hell out of basic business people who
would have to use it.

I think that MP could fit that bill well. We have a very
significant problem with strategy execution in the
public sector in this country. Many project managers
trying to assist but often without the strategic knowledge
or performance management insight to be able to provide
appropriate tools – often creating great dependency on
themselves rather than empowering managers to think
and act both strategically and from a ‘project’ perspective.

In one of my associated businesses Bridge Human Capital
Solutions, we are the Africa distributors for an HRMIS
talent management system and e-recruitment product
(ETWeb & iGRasp) from Stepstone in Germany.

I think that MP bridges the gap between facilitating /
crafting strategy, translating it into actionable, measurable
plans / metrics and then inputting data into an HRMIS
for broader performance management/ career
development / succession planning functionality.


Be sure to post your comments and observations on what creates value for you in the use of ManagePro and/or MProLite.

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I owned Managepro for atleast five years and have played with it during that time; however, over that last year have really used it as a team performance mangement and project management tool. It is a very good alternative to having multiple applications and files to rumage through to track and report on results. I can’t wait for the reported upgrades in January.

Wynndel Burns
Convergys Corporation


How could you be in business wihout MPro? If you are not on top of the details then your bankers will eat you alive. Despite the big picture concepts success is in the details and execution and only MPro can assure the correct attention to details.

Robert A. Cantor
Insinger Machine Company
Philadelphia, PA.


We have just purchased ManagePro and are busy with the implementation at this very point in time.
We are really keen to maximise the opportunities that MP will bring in formulating our strategies.
Will keep you Posted


The CEO of our company lives by ManagePro. He uses it every day to keep his thumb on the pulse of the Corporation. Now that MproLite is available, and the fact that it is truly a web enabled application we have deployed it to all of our remote locations.


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