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Delegation – Up-Leveling Your Game (2of2)

Ok, in the first blog on delegation, we looked at the importance of reversing how we think about and approach delegation, starting with focusing on the person to whom we are delegating.  In this second half of the series on improving your

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Delegation – Up-Leveling Your Game (1of2)

This is part one of a two part series on delegation. Let’s start with imagining that you had retained me as a consultant, and as we worked together, and the topic of delegation came up. What if I asked you how

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Information Management Maturity Levels and Lifecycle

Information management maturity (IMM) sounds like some dry boring stuffy topic; a conversation that you might hope to avoid being engaged in if possible. But what if I told you that it’s not dissimilar to the life cycle of humans and picking

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Fog in the ocean. Islands in the distance.

Goals and What You Can Learn from Rob Konrad

My inbox has numerous webinar advertisements, video’s, email invitations and “How to…” exposes this morning on the topic of goals. It’s a new year, perhaps you have something similar. But the best thing in this morning is the recounting of

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work smart, work smarter, smart work

Working Smarter – 5 Strategies to Stay in the Zone

It happened to me this morning. I’m sure it happens to you as well. a key person on a project had worked hard all weekend, but most of the time on a project in which they were personally interested, while

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6 Critical Questions You Should Not Answer

Ok, you’re reading this blog, so I’m going to assume that you have been challenged, at least once, by attempting to get people to improve their performance.  Maybe it was a team, maybe direct reports, maybe a vendor, maybe another

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How to Address Organizational Culture via Cognitive Maps

We’re all pretty familiar with the concept that internal filters and expectations color what we see. The quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is just one example. But if you take it one large step further, what

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Double Binds and You at Work

I was working on the challenge of blending cultures in a merger recently. Actually if you’ve ever been in that situation, merger and blending don’t really fit that experience accurately do they? Maybe mash-up or some other descriptor would be

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M&A Lessons from Blended Families

If you are participating in a merger or acquisition, and it’s a genuine merge or consolidation, not a raid, there are some important guidelines for “How to do a merger the right way.”    Take a look at the research on blended

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The Back Side of Employee Engagement

You’re probably familiar with the research on employee engagement.  Things like only 30% of US employees are actively engaged, 45 – 50% are showing up but not engaged, and 20-25% are actively dis-engaged, doing the minimum and ready to leave.  And

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