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Double Binds and You at Work

<p>I was working on the challenge of blending cultures in a merger recently. Actually if you’ve ever been in that situation, merger and blending don’t really fit that experience accurately do they? Maybe mash-up or some other descriptor would be

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M&A Lessons from Blended Families

If you are participating in a merger or acquisition, and it’s a genuine merge or consolidation, not a raid, there are some important guidelines for “How to do a merger the right way.”    Take a look at the research on blended

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The Back Side of Employee Engagement

You’re probably familiar with the research on employee engagement.  Things like only 30% of US employees are actively engaged, 45 – 50% are showing up but not engaged, and 20-25% are actively dis-engaged, doing the minimum and ready to leave.  And

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The Myth Behind Using Inexpensive Software

Inexpensive software holds a lot of attraction. Lots of features combined with a very low price. It’s got to be the answer right? If we looked on your desktop, would we find a number of packages from Goo.., Zo.., Ji…

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Guidelines for Optimally Using Your Brain at Work

Before I  got immersed into consulting to businesses and ultimately ManagePro, I was a clinical psychologist for 20 years .  During that two decade stint I consulted with brain injury patients at the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital in the middle of a lot

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What the Research Says About You & Goals

What if I could guarantee that you’ll learn something valuable that you didn’t know before… if you read this blog?  I think I’m pretty safe making that guarantee with what you’ll find below.  In the past I’ve covered a number

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Your Brain and Motivation at Work

This blog probably started 30 years ago when I was a psychologist and consulting at Rancho Los Amigos hospital in the return to work department for brain injured patients.  I’m fascinated with how our brain works, and the implications for

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Making “First Things First” Work

Priorities.  We all know that it’s better to set and work what’s priority.  Most of us are familiar with Stephen Covey’s priority statement or directive that to be more successful you need to work “First Things First”  – which affirms the

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Project Plan

Project Management in Small Businesses

A just released report from project management technology reviews and research company Software Advice on Project Management Software, found that roughly 60% of the businesses interviewed are still using paper and pencil, spreadsheets, non-project management software and/or nothing at all

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What Are The 3 Keys to Implementing with Success

How many initiatives are you in charge of initiating? I bet you have several, most people in management do. Here’s a pithier question. How do they typically end up?  What does the End of the Trail look like?  How many

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