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Being Strategic about the coming Upswing (2of2)

February 19, 2010

Ok, following up on yesterday’s post, I’m pointing out that getting the “right” people on the bus, and engaged and working with “right” contract is the (hidden) key to taking advantage of the upcoming upswing in the economy.

I know this may sound unusual, especially from someone who runs a software company.  But the point about getting the “right” work contract in place is really important, so let me explain for a couple of minutes… well let me first share a common story we see.

We sell ManagePro into organizations all over the world.  People like you and me buy it because they want their workforce to function more effectively, coordinate and collaborate better.  They want everyone to work in a more organized, head’s-up strategic manner.  You get the idea.

And as you probably know, no software is going to make people work that way.  Software is an enabler, not the magic, silver bullet that suddenly transforms people’s work habits.

So guess what happens when we deploy into an organization?  Some of the people we train aren’t prepared to practice working more effectively.   During the software deployment they begin demonstrating to us that an effective work contract isn’t in place, and it’s absence is holding up the growth of the company.   Although they are being paid by the company, they refuse to adopt more effective work habits and the supporting technology.  They hold management hostage with the combination of their value and non-compliance.

Sound familiar?  You may have people operating with dysfunctional attitudes about work in your company as well, and yes they will impede your ability to ride the next upswing.

Do you know what kind of work framework or contract I’m talking about?  I’m talking about something deceptively simple, but vital, and one that you would be willing to back up by telling people to get off the bus or move to the back if they aren’t willing to follow.

That work agreement, the very same one that is going to position you to take advantage of the upcoming economic swing, looks something like the following 3 guidelines (by the way my favorite reference for this is Dibachi’s book Just Add Management).  Stop and consider how your team would rate:


1.   The Basic Deal:
You get paid for… delivering timely results, do the work assigned and respect people (including authority;)…  You don’t get paid for “being too busy, rationalizing why you can’t, etc.

2.  The Basic Relationship:
Someone(s) is your boss and that relationship isn’t equal.  That means that ultimately you do things according to their priority, follow their plan, use their suggestions, their tools, and do it right.

3.   Work Smart:
Leverage information where-ever you can, maximize its usability and repurposing, look for and practice improvements.  Work like improving is equivalent to surviving – stop one and you stop the other. 

Bottom Line:

Don’t miss out on the upcoming economic swing.  One of the best things, if not the best thing, you can do in your organization to get ready to take advantage of the upcoming surge is to get the right people and the right work agreement in place.  Oh sure we want you to enable those people with our ManagePro – the ultimate work management software and MProLite technology, but you need to get the PEOPLE thing right.  Call us at … we can help you with both.

Ok, consider yourself updated.  Now go do something good for your self and your organization with it and enjoy the upcoming economic shift.

Being Strategic about the coming Upswing (1of2)
Comfort, Adaptability and Winning at Business

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