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The Secret to Effective Project Management in Architecture

You want to succeed, but the odds are against you, as projects can easily fail to meet delivery dates. So what should you do? Work differently! Use ManagePro, an app:

  1. That makes it easy to prioritize you work every day, adjust and notify others via email.
  2. Makes it easy follow-up on follow-through, not just plan… it’s half the battle
  3. Makes it easy for everyone to update and stay connected to working what’s priority.
  4. Connects to each person’s calendar & Outlook email, so details don’t slip through the cracks. ManagePro helps every step of the way… check out the 30 day trial on the right.

Watch the video below to learn how:

ManagePro… When Better Results is Not an Option:

Customer Quotes:

“To have a software application that integrates everything from strategic planning to project management and something that will remind me to talk to the people I work with, for and who work for me is… priceless.”

Bill Macdonald-Kerr, COO, The Osborne Group

“I have found ManagePro to be indispensable as the means of managing… strategic issues and small as well as large, complex projects from early conception through to closure and handover. The strength of ManagePro is its flexibility to permit the user to structure the user interface to suit the way he/she works.”

David Payne, COO, Bemex Corporation

1. Provides a flexible format for working with large and/or small projects, and users with different functionality & display needs

2. Integrates with Outlook and supports drag & drop of email into the program & email notification

3. Gets everyone involved in improved visibility & accountability, with every member of the team having a common place to provide status updates, set priorities, keep track of action items… and see the connection between strategy and their projects