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We specialize in advisory services for selected management team’s top, “take it to the next level” initiatives and projects. The top level projects and change efforts that literally represent 4% of all the choices you could make to spend time and resources on, but have incredible leverage and will generate 2/3rds of your growth results.4percentResults

We’ve worked with large and small organizations all over the world, from the United Nations to Warner Bros, to individual service companies.  Our best value is found in helping management teams identify, validate and execute their top tier projects using ManagePro as the platform to manage that activity.

Regardless of the team, we commonly find the following dynamics in play and a necessary part of the work to address on the way to “knocking it out of the park:”

  • Everyone’s insufficient.  We all need others to help us be successful, and the higher one is in an organization, the more people they need to align with them in order to reach their goals.  Denial of this fact in whatever form is dangerous.
  • Square Feedback Loops & Echo Chambers.  We all need to operate with feedback from a variety of sources to be most effective.  To the extent we block, discount or stop listening to feedback, our feedback loops become like squares in which most of the input bounces off.  Feedback becomes even more limiting when we only get feedback from known sources who anticipate our preferences, creating an Echo Chamber of sorts.  Accurate outside feedback is critical.
  • Fire Fighting & Your Calendar Doesn’t Lie.  Most people in management report they spend high amounts of time in meetings and in fire fighting as they navigate through their day.  This is reflected in their calendar, and does not align with the time and resources needed to effectively drive their top tier initiatives.  We help create a platform for that to change.

Bottom Line: 
It’s our focus to help you harness the leverage and power of the 4% in completing the projects and initiatives that will take it to the next level,  To that end we believe:

  1. It’s absolutely critical to manage with high emotional IQ, results measuring and visibility into emerging obstacles and the critical thinking that drives next steps. All of which aren’t available in the typical methodology and practice used to manage top initiatives, e.g. they tend to be managed via power points and meetings, as contrasted with a  strategic project tools.
  2. Solving 4% issues almost always involving “Picking the Lock“, e.g. using creative options that are only available upon change of perspective on one or more of the problem definitions and associated approaches.  Picking the Lock or solving 4% issues requires creativity and new input, more than additional pressure.  We excel at helping you pick the lock.

We offer a focused advisory service supported with ManagePro technology and built upon our Work Smarter strategies.  We deliver our services in three different formats to meet the needs of small businesses, mid-tier and Fortune 500 respectively.

Call us at (707) 487-3000 and we’ll schedule a phone conference to discuss your needs.