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6 Management Behaviors that Can Grow or Hurt Your Business

February 27, 2014

As an executive or business owner, you know that working on your business process instead of in your business is so important, because it can pay off in many ways. It’s the root of what Gerber in his book, the E-myth, writes about.  It’s the idea that you’ll be more successful if you make sure to develop processes for hitting all your key business deliverables, and avoid getting caught up in focusing solely on hitting the next deadline.  But what I want to talk about in this blog, is even more important. Think one step beyond working on the business, and think working on yourself, or your management team working on themselves; because how you act with others, how you embody six key management characteristics that I’m going to show you, can either grow or suppress your business, put money in your pocket or take it out.

By-the-way, if you were to define what to work on in your own personal leadership and management skill-set that would help you make more money and grow the business, would you know where to start?  Let me give you three suggestions, and first a bit of background.

Background:  As you move up the food chain in the world of getting work done through others, you need to develop your power skills.  I mean that in a good way.  You need to develop impact, to have a sense of personal force about you.  Some people develop that by being very competitive, needing to win and for others to lose.  Some people develop that by getting a corner on control, and dolling out or with-holding opportunities to others… like playing the monopoly game. And some develop power through personal effectiveness. That’s the route I would like to clarify in the remainder of this blog.  Back to those three suggestions:

1.The word FOR2CE frames the areas to work on to improve your impact. They represent 6 key management practices that can either grow or hurt your employee’s motivation.  Simply put, the:
F stands for follow-through and doing what you say, the
O stands for being open to feedback, non-defensive, and a good listener, the
R squared or 2 R’s stands for Resilience, so you learn to persevere and not give up, and being really good at Recognition, the
C stands for competence and the
E for ethics.

By the way if you have any doubts about these areas as actually adding to your impact, or your personal force as a leader…  think back to someone you worked with who or for who didn’t follow-through or do what they promised.  Maybe it was someone who was defensive and didn’t listen, or wasn’t resilient, and easily rolled over, or who wasn’t very competent or very ethical, e.g. hadn’t developed the FOR2CE management strategies.

If you’ve been in any of those situations, you will immediately recognize that it had a distinct impact on your performance. You didn’t get up as excited about going to work every day.  It made you wonder, “Why am I working so hard for this person?”…  You didn’t go the extra mile.  Lack of FOR2CE abilities simply depresses performance across team members and impacts customers as well, and it’s easy to confirm.  We’ve all been touched by it.

So now you know what to work on, let’s cover suggestions 2 & 3.

2. My second suggestion is don’t get overwhelmed and give up.  Remember Laozi’s classic proverb, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  And the truth is (from my perspective), is that it’s really a thousand miles of single steps.  Don’t get discouraged with the journey or set-backs.  All you need to do to improve your FOR2CE abilities, is work on the right behaviors and prioritize making the next step.

3.  And the 3rd suggestion is simply this; developing your personal force, the kind of impact that improves the performance of others around you, is rarely, very rarely, developed as a solo act.  That means to succeed at this, you won’t get there by reading a book or saying 5 affirmations in the mirror. Growth occurs most rapidly in a context of a relationship, where it’s safe to explore the truth of what’s working and what isn’t.

And as you read this blog or listen to the video below, if growing performance and in particular, growing yourself to extend your impact and the performance of others is something you are thinking, “Yea I want that” or “I want that for my management team”, then pick up the phone at call us at 877 487-3001 and let’s set up a time to talk.

The ball’s in your court… what do you want to do?

Bottom Line:

Working on your business has the potential to put more money in your pocket than working in your business.  Working on yourself, is one step above that, and has a direct impact on your business, your team’s motivation and your bottom line.  In this blog I use the word FOR2CE to frame 6 management behaviors that can grow or hurt your business, and add a couple of suggestions to guide you along the path of implementing them.

PS.  If you would like to watch the previous two video’s in the series, go to http://www.executivecopilots.com and sign-up there to watch the videos.


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