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3rd of 3 Guidelines to Boost the Value of Your Strategic Plan

July 27, 2007

3.  If a goal isn’t measured, it doesn’t belong in your strategic plan.If you haven’t figured out a meaningful way to measure each strategic goal and supporting initiative – it doesn’t belong in your plan. If you’re not tracking it via your scorecard, don’t keep it. Said another way, if it’s not worth the time to measure and track, it doesn’t belong in your Strategic Plan.

It’s that simple.  Whether or not a strategic goal is measured and tracked, is one of the best indicators for predicting what you will actually execute through the year.  Conclusion:  To construct a strategic plan that can really empower your entire organization, focus on three areas:1.    Make sure the strategic plan is focused only on Growth2.    Every strategic goal has to have an action plan of initiatives3.    Whatever is worth including, is worth measuring – regularly 

The author of this series, Rodney Brim, is CEO of Performance Solutions Technology (PST).  PST develops and assists organizations in deploying performance management software solutions, and presents these guidelines based upon our work with 1,000’s of companies to help ensure your success in the pursuit of strategic and performance management.  Performance Solutions Technology is found on the web at http://www.PerformanceSolutionsTech.com

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